July 20th, 2014

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2013, cyd, new

yes, a bath it is.

my lantana in the back yard, in the pot on the table, is blooming! just one bloom, but blooming! it's Cydniey-proof.

my body is rejecting all tampons. i'm really tired of this monthly cycle bullshit. i'll take an unprovoked erection in math class any day over this mess.

I was on the phone with Kelli and Lelu came in with her mouth and front paws all covered in blood. She had gotten her collar caught in her mouth (I don't know how, it wasn't at all loose on her) and lost a tooth and bled and spit all over herself. I took the collar off, washed her mouth out (that was fun) and cleaned her paws off. They're still pink. I hope it wasn't one of her fangs she lost, but I fear it was. She's hiding now. I'll check her when she comes out again. Poor Lelu.

i renewed our Netflix membership. Now we can return the movie we have and get another. and i can stream again. or, rather, doc can stream again. i've never really watched anything. i've started watching things, but gotten bored and shut them off. i don't know that we can cancel amazon prime. they charge us once a year, at the end of our service. i'll have to have doc look into it.

I think maybe I'll take a bath. I don't know whether to read Roman history or Anne Rice. I guess i'll finish the Anne Rice first. it would feel good to soak in hot water and then get out into the cold air. yes, a bath it is.
2013, cyd, new

there, i think i got it.

It's 4pm, tra la tra la. i took a long, hot bath. and i was right. it was relaxing as all get out, and it felt great to step out into the cold air. i figured if i was going to keep wearing shorts when walking Chewy, I had better shave my legs.

Speaking of, Doc took Chewy for his walk at 3am. So now Chewy wants to go for his walk. And it's too hot. the pavement will burn his little paws. I gave him a cosequin treat and he's asleep right now. hopefully he'll stay asleep for a while and i can walk him later. i've been searching for beef flavored antacid tablets for Chewy. He won't eat Tums (or anything fruit flavored) and he gets an icky belly sometimes. I guess I'll give him Pepcid when he gets bad. My vet recommended it for the cats, so I know the dosage for the weight.

I don't have my hair braided right now, and i should. it is tickling my neck and making me crazier. but i don't have any way to tie up a braid. my last mini-band broke on me the other day when i took the braid out.

my coffee consumption has stayed low. i'm on my third and last cup of the day. the not-so-much sugar thing is working. i don't drink it as fast when it isn't as sweet. Doc has been really good about getting me substitute drinks like Powerade and no-caf iced tea and cola. I have to get used to drinking mostly water again, though. maybe i'll lose these love handles. i can handle the pot belly, but not the spare tire.

Isn't that chair great? Doc seriously gets the curb-picking award. the next day he got a great oak book case for his room. That means I can throw the white one that is falling apart away, and use the black one we got at the garage sale in the living room. since it's classier. i have no hope or desire to have my house furnishings and such match. I'd rather be comfortable than matchy-matchy. I call it "Thrift Store Chic: Homestyle". i even have a board for it on my pinterest page. i have to take pictures of the new stuff we've gotten to post.

We have one piece of furniture in here (living/dining rooms) that we bought new. The rest is curb picks, hand-me-downs, and thrift store purchases. and we have a lot of furniture. we have a recliner on the side of the house i'm thinking of putting on the porch. since we have a comfy chair and a couch out there, we may as well have a pleather recliner. with duct tape, even. so white trash.

Mmmmm. Fruit punch Powerade. Better than coffee. Who said that?

Lelu just came to visit me. She cleaned all the blood off her paws, and most of it off her face. There will still be enough to alarm Doc if he sees it before he leaves, but not as bad as it was. She wouldn't let me check her mouth. I didn't push it, she's been through enough and she's not bleeding anymore or anything and her face isn't swollen. Damn that collar. I have to have Doc get her a safety collar. Then it would have popped off before any damage was done. I thought i had it on her tight enough that wouldn't happen. Especially after the vet warned me.

While i was in the bath, Teeny came to visit me and opened the cabinet door. She then proceeded to empty an open box of tampons all over the floor before i could throw enough water on her to make her stop and run away. So that was fun. She's not allowed in the bathroom anymore. She stood outside in the hall and cried when i shut the door so it stuck. I could hear her, "mew, mewwwwwww, mew".

The valance strip on the vertical blinds on the sliding glass door kept falling down. we even duct taped it up (the tape wasn't visible) and it still fell down. it was improperly installed. so we took it down last night and put it in the garage in a safe place. they tear out all the blinds and replace them when we move out, anyway. they did down the street when those people moved out. they left the carpets, though. i don't remember the carpets in that house. i was hoping for a piece of one.

cigarettes stuffed for the night/tomorrow.

I have four huge bug bites on the side of my left knee that are just absolutely out of hand. Doc debugged the couch again this morning after i got up. i think it's time i washed my blanket, too. argh! itch! there, i think i got it.