July 18th, 2014

2013, cyd, new

sugar overload

i just had an ice cream bar, and to spice it up, i drizzled caramel sauce on it. oh my god, so good.

the dog actually waited for Doc to get home to go for a walk, he didn't try to get out this morning. which made it easier on me.

three plus years of insomnia, solved by cutting my coffee drastically. just as i knew inside it would. i don't want to admit it. but i have no choice now.

Great, we had all but decided to give up amazon prime, when they start Kindle Unlimited. Unlimited reading. I have to investigate it more, but um, that would be worth keeping prime. ugh. decisions.

when it gets to be 4 and Doc hasn't gone to bed yet, i know he's staying home with me tonight. So he's passed out on the couch. No Long Afternoon.

I'm bouncing between furniture and the floor. the floor for the laptop. the couch for animal companionship. the new chair for alone time. then Chewy invaded the comfy chair, seeing my plan in action. so i'm on the floor.

It's a Lady Gaga kind of afternoon. I'm downloading an outdated but complete up to the time, discography, so i can get familiar with her older work. Artpop is the only CD i'm completely familiar with. I have so much to learn. She's coming to town. Naturally, I am drawn, but being in MGM Grand Arena with thousands of screaming tweeners is just not my idea of fun. and the tickets are way to expensive for an experience like that. i'll just keep watching her on youtube.

Now I'm listening to Til Tuesday's album, Voices Carry. Not their best, for that, go to the second album. But good, and it has been 2 decades since i listened to the whole thing, at least. It's funny how parts of songs come back to me a bit, or sound kind of familiar. But I have no memory of that era of my life, thanks to Electro-shock. I've lost it all. high school, college, douchebag, doc's beginnings. lost it all. that's why my journals, especially my older ones, fascinate me. they draw me in. that's what makes them hard to read. Reading about things i can't remember. so strange, written in my hand. i don't lie in my journals, so it's what really happened.

The last time I had Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea in a can, i got horrible food poisoning. that was four months ago. i'm giving it another try with new cans of tea. i was craving it and Doc said he'd rather get that for me than soda. so tea it was.

Oay, Kindle Unlimited is separate from Amazon Prime, so we can still give that up and get Kindle Unlimited instead. i will read much more then.

Felix came back with the camera half immersed in water. Including the firewire port. I sprayed air into it to get out the excess water and let it dry overnight. I'm about to plug it in. Go through Felix's pictures. lots of dark. I know that from the few minutes i got it to work last night. I think the pictures are making a suburban statement. I'm working on assembling a book fraught with meaning.

So, for the second week in a row, i have woken doc up on his night off. he must be tired of my diligence.