July 17th, 2014

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ok, Kelli's home

Coffee Dilemma! there is about a cup left in the dispenser. i have another pot ready to go. but it's only 3:40pm, 4 hours until Doc gets up. And there has to be 2 cups of fresh hot coffee for him when he gets up. I insist upon it. The coffee maker goes off after 2 hours, but i can turn it back on. i just have to not drink the whole pot. My Powerade isn't cold yet and the cola is gone. *sigh*

i know, if that's my worst problem, i'm doing pretty good.

Kitchen Nightmares is on for the next few hours, but so is Castle. I don't know what to do. I don't pay attention to it, really. I just like familiar voices backing what I'm doing.

I have been getting up right before doc gets home so i need to do my chores tonight before i go to bed. the ones that aren't time sensitive. like cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming. i've been meaning to do it all week and he just gets home before i am actually awake and alert. it takes me a while after i get up to get coherent.

Coffee Dilemma solved. I made a fresh pot. My Powerade is almost cold, i stuffed it in the freezer. I'll only have this one cup. Then I'll stop. So four cups so far today, including that. The rest got dumped out.

Ooh, time to close the blinds. As the Long Afternoon winds down. The sun comes below the patio roof as it sets and shines in here, rather obnoxiously, as the afternoon sun of the summer can be. Bagira got out and is out in the damp spot. I don't know what he'll do if the neighbor ever fixes that.

The other day i was out there and a flock of uninformed pigeons landed in our yard. as soon as they got settled and down to their searching, Billly, Evie and Bagira appeared from out of nowhere in three different directions and rushed the flock. much noise and fluttering of wings. They won't be back.

I'm waiting for Kelli to get home and text me, if it's early enough for me to call. She won't be out late, she has to work tomorrow. But she might get home too late for a civilized call.

It's so cute the way I watch the traffic report like I have any idea what or where the man is talking about. I know nothing about this valley. I don't know the names of the freeways or roads, except a couple of major roads near me, like Tropicana.

I'm thinking more about Chewy's eyesight. I'll bet that is why he doesn't play fetch, either. Because once you throw the ball, he can't see it anymore. I guess it's a good thing we got him a big colorful ball to play with when he's feeling playful. Which he does. He grabs it and shakes it around and then throws it and disregards it for another week.