July 10th, 2014

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yes, reading is the thing to do.

doc and i got smart. we peeled a cucumber and built a little wall around the bowl of food outside with the peels. that should keep the ants away. we figured it out a couple of days ago but didn't have a cucumber until today. i'm going to go outside and check it soon.

i discovered a while ago that in video mode, i can zoom in 16x with my camera. which is 12 more times than i can in still picture mode. so i took some video of Billy today and hope to get a good still from it that shows off his scowl. that gives me something quick to do on the computer. i'm slowly trying to get back to the laptop. eventually so i can work. right now just to surf or look at pictures. i can't even play with pictures in photoshop. i am that turned off by the computer lately. i've lost so many followers on twitter, because i don't tweet. i'll get more, don't really care. but i've noticed it.

wow, a "home remedy" that really works. the ants are circling the bowl, but not getting close to it because of the cucumber. pretty cool.

it just started raining. not hard. just big, big drops.

doc went too bed at 1pm, right after i woke up from my nap. that sucks. but he'll be better off for it tonight.

i think i'm going to read for a while. again, vacuuming needs to be done, but not while doc sleeps. it's the back room that needs it, right across from his. i dusted the other day, so that would be useless. yes, reading is the thing to do.
2013, cyd, new

i know you wanted to know that.

i tried to sleep for an hour. no go. i have coffee brewing now. it won't help my boredom, but it will solve my sleepiness problem. i don't know why i couldn't fall asleep. i was on the new couch and it was so comfortable. Chewy and i could spread out on it. it was great. we snuggled. but i couldn't fall asleep and just got more and more restless. maybe it's the lack of xanax. in 7 more days i can refill the script. i should have one of doc's. no, i'll wait until he gets up and ask him. i will have some aspirin, though.

i think i'll take a bath and read.

i've come to the end of my tobacco for stuffing cigarettes and so when you tap down the tobacco towards the filter, half of it shoots out and half of it compresses. you end up with about 2/3 of a cigarette that the cherry keeps falling off of. i'm not happy.

okay. time to take a bath. maybe shave my legs, i know you wanted to know that.