June 18th, 2014

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8 hours sleep with two interruptions! i could cheer. so i woke up at 5. doc gets home around 6:30. so i had to rush around doing my chores. i still have to water the plants and feed the outside cats.

Brian Setzer the cat is no longer Brian Setzer the cat. he is now Billy Idol, the cat. we got a closer look at his scowl and discovered that due to a trick of coloring, it's a sneer. a pure sneer. it's delightful. i can't wait until he trusts me to take more pictures, he really is an attractive cat. beat up looking and filthy, but attractive. we thought about trapping him and getting him to the vet for processing and then freeing him, but the trap would attract every cat in the neighborhood and who knows how many we would trap and traumatize before we got Billy. too much of a chance to take.

stupid Animal Foundation has taken half of all dogs waiting 10 days or more for homes. they are evil. it works, though. people flock to these events looking for the perfect companion. and a lot of them find them.

doc's home. bye.
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i just took a cool shower and changed all my clothes. i even put deodorant and lotion on. i'm waiting for doc to get home so he can get to bed. he went over to see N and the fam. he had some bottled water he got on sale for them.

Billy Idol got close enough for me to take pictures of his sneer today, but i didn't have the camera out with me and moving to get it would have made him run away. he's so rough looking. the other cats have completely accepted him, i watched him bump noses with Evie, Felix and Bagira before he went over to eat. i'm so happy with my outside cat. and his leg has healed, there's just a rough scar and bald patch there now. from what i could see, i couldn't move anything but my head.

doc is home. i bet he's going to want the computer.

i keep typing spaces into the middle of my words. i'm not quite sure what that's about.

yep. he's going to want to watch the computer. Fargo. yep. season ender. gotta go. gonna call kelli.
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so i watered them.

afternoon nap didn't go as planned. so i've taken my sleepers and i'm going to bed soon. this was another dead day.

doc was lamenting i had nothing to do, and i told him i've been dying to go out to my studio. but it's all full of his stuff. so i can't work. he didn't realize that and promised to clean it out. i've got these small canvases and i want to use them. i'm not sure what for yet, but i want to use them. i brought my paints in from the studio so the heat didn't fuck them up. and every time i'm in the kitchen i'm reminded of it because i have three brushes drying in a jar on the sink.

i want to work with sequins. glue them to things. i know i have some teal sequins. i could do a pink and teal thing on one of the canvases, i have about 8 shades of pink.

the cats have already finished their food outside. i hope everyone got to eat. because i'm not feeding them again until tomorrow morning. i gave them fresh water, though. and they have been chewing on the cat grass. it dies so quickly. i want to plant some regular grass in a pot for them and see if they like it as much.

i have three live cilantro plants. barely alive, pale. but alive and struggling. i noticed them today. so i watered them.