June 3rd, 2014

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but no, not at all

22 minutes before i wake doc up. i am so bored. i found stuff to tidy. i stuffed cigarettes. i read. i made coffee. i sat outside and meditated in the hot breeze.

Chewy is still asleep on the gold pillow. his head is hanging off of it, but most of him is on it. it's so cute. i want to go pet him and cuddle him but i don't want to wake him up.

tomorrow i think i'm going to work in my room. the dresser needs to be emptied and then filled with the clothes stacked all over the place. i also need to get the futon out of there. i don't know where i'm going to put it for now, until we can build the platform for it. and i need to clean the dresser off. there is art on it that needs to be hung.

i hung the 300 light string outside on the patio yesterday. it looks so good on at night. the whole patio is subtly lit, it's really nice. i thought it might be too bright, but no, not at all.
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i smell nice now, though.

"Start off your summer with big winnings at Station Casinos"

i hear this every commercial break. better than the car ads, though. The casino commercials usually have some winners dancing around screaming how much they've won with the slot machine sounds in the background. Or they have employees dancing around talking about how much they love locals. that's us. the residents. we are the locals. we get special deals at casinos and clubs. because they want our business, too. they don't want us just to gamble at the machines at the grocery store or gas station, they want us in the casinos. they want everyone in the casinos.

with that, a new mega resort is being built at the dilapidated north end of the strip. i can't wait until it's done. the whole thing is in an Asian theme. the drawings showed lots of little pagodas and two huge towers for rooms.

the High Roller, the world's tallest ferris wheel, is open. but it's $35 for a ride on it. i don't see me riding it any time soon. unless they do a locals deal. always looking for the locals deal.

my legs itch. i need to lotion them. but i sit here with the itch.

i watered. i need to scoop the boxes. and feed the cats. including lelu. the house doesn't need to be vacuumed, though i may do it anyway. i'm sure there's stuff i don't see.

for the last five days (and this is an attention span record here) Teeny has played with a wadded up prescription label from a bottle of xanax. we've hidden it from her a couple of times, but she always finds it and you see her bopping through the house throwing it in the air and catching it.

doc just called to see how i was doing because he left mad at me last night. that's so sweet. he just wanted to check up on me. and we've been emailing back and forth all morning. he wanted me to email him pictures of the truck so he could text them to S, for some unknown reason, S wants them. All i had were pictures of parts of the truck so it isn't identifiable and i can post them online. so i sent him those and hoped they were what S wanted.

i scratched so hard that the lotion stung when i put it on my legs. i smell nice now, though.
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reason to stay up

i'm staying up until at least 8. maybe 9. or 10 and i'll only lay down for 45 minutes. i don't know. it depends if NCIS is on tonight. being awake is wanting to be stoned, so i don't want to be awake. soon i will be able to stay up and be sober.

i talked to kelli today. i'm glad i called her. she was on her way out with her sister, but i gave her someone else to vent to.

doc bought a Barbara Streisand record the other day at Epic Thrift and put it up on the desk looking at the couch. it haunts me. it's lit up by a section of red rope light. eerie.

since it gets dark so late, it seems like doc goes to bed so early. i'm not used to having so much daylight to myself. and i think i can only sleep in the day in the early afternoon, not at sunset. so i have to wait until it's dark before i can lay down if i have any hope of doing more than just laying there listening to the TV.

why must the cats ALL claw at the new couch? i'm going to boil and pickle them. i don't really sit on the new couch. for the first week it was because it was my "girl time" and i was afraid of having an accident on it. now, i'm just afraid of getting it dirty. i tend to get dirty, going outside and being barefoot and such.

it's nice outside. it didn't get too hot today. it's 97 now. with just a hint of breeze. the cats are wandering around the yard, chasing bugs and doing cat things.

Yay, not only is NCIS on, it's an episode i haven't seen yet. oh, wait . . . maybe i have. who cares, reason to stay up.