May 10th, 2014

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black cat pics

this year, i am getting catnip oil and smearing it all over pumpkins to get the black cats to pose with them. i have 6 black cats, i should be able to get a quality pumpkin pic.

i finally figured out how to turn the "beep" off on my camera. it alerts the cats i'm filming them and they are all camera shy. so i turned that off and took some video of Major sitting in front of me, meowing at me for no apparent reason.

we went to put the collar cam on Chewy this morning, but the battery was dead. so, don't let the cam sit for three days and assume the battery will be alright. lesson learned. now it's recharging. i think i'll send Evie out with it later. she's the scrapper and main hunter, i have a feeling she will get me the best footage.
2013, cyd, new

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