May 7th, 2014

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this madness has got to stop

there is a street festival downtown tonight. they are having activities like Karate Karaoke and Silent Disco (where everyone listens to disco on their headphones) and the Greek food truck I've been hearing about will be there. There is no reason Chewy and I couldn't take the bus down there. this not leaving the house stupidity has to stop. every wednesday in May they are doing this. then again, in September. Maybe next week.

i just watched a story about a Veterinarian who is using his own money and time to supply the local first responders with oxygen masks for animals to help them in fires. he saw a story about a fire in Florida where a bunch of animals died because there were no masks for them. And he contacted the Vegas fire departments and was told they don't have it in their budget for them. so he has supplied hundreds to first responders in the city. The news station rewarded him and such, but wow, i want that guy as my vet. too bad he's on the other side of town.

that's it. i'm going to clean my bathroom. it isn't that it's dirty. it's just really dusty. it's a large bathroom and i'm only one person. so the one sink and floor are all dusty and disgusting looking. today is the day i clean that up. it's too gross. and it will make doc happy. then i think i'll find all my underwear and hand wash it.

clean bathrooom. ahhh. won't doc be surprised. underwear soaking in hot soapy water.

say what i want about weed, i'm much more motivated without it. though awfully grumpy. it's taking all the animal's cuteness to keep my temper at bay.

i guess i could put doc's laundry away and clean off the dining room table. there's a couple of things in the kitchen i can do and i have to feed and water the beasties outside, cats and plants. there was a black cat here eating last night that left blood where he was sitting. he didn't come back after Chewy chased him away. he really does not like other cats in our yard. but Brian Setzer and new black kitty are welcome here. especially Brian Setzer. I think we're starting to come to an understanding. i'm going to feed him, not kill him. he is starting to understand that.

fuck, i don't have enough minutes to call kelli. i could really use the distraction that kelli's life is for me. it's so good to see her enjoying a part of her life. and it's fun watching and helping her to change the things in her life that aren't making her happy.

this is ridiculous. it is 58 and cold windy right now. They are calling for triple digit weather next week. make up your mind, nature! it's actually quite nice out. i fed and watered the plants and animals.we're going through a big bowl of food a day feeding the strays. but we're also feeding Bagira, Felix and Evie, who all prefer to eat outside on the veranda.