April 29th, 2014

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consistency. i love that.

oh, my doctor also had no clue about day care. he told me to contact a social worker. helpful. i hate him. and his jeans and is unvacuumed floor and his birkenstocks. and his stupid british accent. he doesn't deserve it.

so i've woken up in a charming mood. i'm going back to sleep at some point. doc is working late today. so i'll sleep for a couple more hours and then do the transplanting. doc moved the dirt out to my work area yesterday for me.

it's windy again. i'm tired of this wind. it's the only weather i have, i can bitch.

it's tuesday. wow.

don't use internet explorer. big security risk. i use chrome and doc uses firefox. no, we can't even agree on one browser.

the sun is coming up. i want to go outside. but the wind. i'll put a sweatshirt on. i want to be outside when the sun rises. i just need to be. i don't know why. i'm tired of asking myself why. doc asks it all the fucking time. so i don't even bother. he wants to know why for everything. and can't understand if there is no reason for something.

okay, i feel better. spent some time on the patio with the cats. it's not that bad out there. the wind hasn't built up yet. oh, the weather lady is saying they will get stronger. high allergens. well, high wind, high allergens. kind of stands to reason.

you know what? now that i've been outside, i don't want to go back to bed anymore. i guess i'll do the stuff i need to do and find more stuff to do. i could sweep off the porch after i plant. that is sure to make a mess. i'm not the neatest person when i'm working. you should see the kitchen when i cook. disaster.

Chewy is out with the camera. he wanted to go out and i didn't want to walk him, so i put the cam on him and sent him on his way.

okay, watered the plants adn hung the wet shirts. now i'm going to break up a cat fight.

and that's a good start to the morning. maybe i'll have some cereal. maybe i'll make a shake. maybe i'll just make myself more coffee.

Chewy should be home with the footage soon. it's been a couple days since i sent anyone out with the cam. i had it on Simon, inside the house, but that didn't get me anything useful, too dark. i'm hoping it works with the low light of the early dawn.

Today's sticky letter is still "w". consistency. i love that.
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my photobook got here!

oh! i got my photo book yesterday. i'm going to have to find another way to publish it. i don't like it at all. the photos are nice and the paper is quality, but it's only 20 pages, despite being 80 images, hardly worth the $20 retail. so i'll look at alternative self publishing presses and see what i can find. it's neat, the pictures turned out really well. and if it was hard cover, it would look better. the cover is black gloss, so i have to be careful to keep my fingerprints off of it when i'm looking through the book. i don't like that either.
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i should probably start by combing my hair

our neighborhood was on the news tonight. there was an officer involved shooting up the street. there were news copters and sirens and crime scene tape and we stayed away. we're not those neighbors that like to watch. we just watched the news and listened to the news copters. this is a really quiet neighborhood. this kind of stuff never happens. but there is a section of tweakers up the street in a low rent area that cause problems every so often. mostly they just wander the streets in the mornings looking for their homes.

my vacuum cleaner sucks. well, it doesn't suck. and therein lies the problem. i vacuumed really carefully today and the floor is still all over cat fur. time to get a shark. we've been saving up for one and almost have enough to get it. clean floors. that would be nice. less allergens. i mean, this is a lot of fur these beasties put off.

if doc leaves his door open while he sleeps, Freddie sleeps in with him. if he closes it, Freddie sleeps in the hallway outside his door. it's so cute. she's there now. all spread out.

Felix has taken to following me around. he sleeps on the dog so he can be near my face. he follows me outside when i go out to smoke and comes back in when i do. i stopped feeding them wet food, maybe that's his problem. i'll have doc get some this week and start feeding it to them again. maybe they'll go through less dry food.

waiting waiting waiting. waiting to sleep. waiting to get up. waiting to wake doc up. waiting to sleep again. and it's all the same. little plastic boxes of boring. i need a life or i'm going to further lose my mind. i should probably start by combing my hair.
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pinterest.com makes me happy. so many pretty pictures. so much beauty and creativity. if you don't pinterest, and you are looking for some way to organize resources or just relax, it is perfect.

i use it for both. i put all my bookmarks there, so i don't lose them. i have a lot of reference material. as well as plenty of self promotional stuff. i cannot say enough about this website. use it before they ruin it with ads and profit. my name on there is "cydniey" of course, follow me and i will follow you back. i'm curious about all your ideas.

sites like twitter have made it very easy to pin stuff to your boards. i've noticed a lot of other websites that make pinning easy. sites like that are nice. in my redesign, i'm going to try to do the same so people can pin my pics if they want.

so go to pinterest, and just do a random search for anything and cruise around. if you're not hooked, i just don't know what to say to you.

i've temporarily lost interest in twitter. it's just so boring to scroll through. and i'm following a bunch of animal advocates, so i have cutsie animals all over my timeline. why they are following me and not Circus Catimus is beyond me.

it's almost 11. 20 minutes until i first wake doc up with a 15 minute warning. then i make his coffee. then i go in at 11:30 and try to get him up or give him ten more minutes. depending on how grumpy he is. then he comes out for a half an hour, during which time i do not talk to him, i let him wake up. then he takes a shower and i remind him at 12:15 and then at 12:30. then he leaves by quarter til one. and i lock the gates up tight.

more pinterest, bored now. pretty images.