April 12th, 2014

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I feel a music craving coming on.

i've spent the last hour assembling and editing HDR images from sets that Vader took while he was out today. I'm definitely writing a photo book with the images. "Circus Catimus: The Photos". I'll do a set of HDR, a set of Lomo, a set of vintage and a set of cinematic techniques i've learned, along with the use of some high quality filters and textures. i already have 200+ photos to work with, so I can just play and then pick the best of the bunch later on when it comes to editing. This is going to be great. I'll get it an ISBN number, so I can sell it on amazon.com. this is the best of my ideas yet. animals as the photographers, human as the post processor. maybe i can get a big publishing house interested in doing a second one with a higher quality camera. I bought the bottom of the line because i'm cheap. but i'll happily strap on a $200 camera to Vader and the dog to get better photos to work with. i have no problem with that.

Ooh, the Star Trek: TNG episode i fell asleep to earlier is on now. cool. Burn Notice ended a couple of hours ago and I didn't feel like putting my headphones on.

Okay, back to work. I'm on a roll right now and I want to go with it. It may be time to put on the headphones soon. I feel a music craving coming on.
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Achtung Babies

Okay listen up everyone! When i'm "out sick" -- remind me to listen to my music mix. Really, it seems too simple, but it isn't. music is the first thing i give up when i'm out sick, and that is bad. Make me listen to my music!
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hrmph and stuff.

the kitchen is trashed. i spent an hour cleaning and scrubbing it yesterday morning. now all the counters are cluttered, the sinks are full, the stove is covered, and the trash is full. thanks, doc. i went in to make myself nachos, but i just didn't have the heart to clean it again. i'm sick of him trashing the kitchen over and over again and then doing a couple of dishes and moving stuff around. so you know what he did? went to bed. told me if i was still hungry when he got up he would think about getting me food. how fucking kind of him. why not just clean up your mess so i can cook?

and i'm not just hurting over his lackluster reaction to the photos i showed him today. fuck him for that. whatever. i don't need his validation. he won't like any of my art until it makes money. he doesn't like the title i came up with because it doesn't explain what the book is about. this is art. not "Here Is A Book of Pictures My Cat Took". what's wrong with him? it's like he wants everything i do explained.

it turns out i don't need facebook to piss of native americans. and, no, i'm not capitalizing. all the hate i have gotten from them all of my life has finally broken this camel's back. fuck the natives. my ancestors did nothing to them, didn't get here for 150 years after all that shit went down, but i'm really starting to wish they did. then at least i would deserve the vitriol i get from them. the hatred is more blind than that of the GOP. (Though there is a disturbing crossover there, between the GOP and the natives.)

so it's been a weird day. i know i'm going to break down and clean the kitchen. that just pisses me off more.
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or not

oh, he's lucky he's asleep. i woke up to the house freezing, something violent and loud on TV (a no-no while i'm sleeping in the same room as the tv) and the house stinks of something sweet i can't identify, but it's making me sick. and he didn't clean the kitchen so i could cook. so no food for me today. no problem. wow. i really want to be awake right now. or not.