April 9th, 2014

2013, cyd, new

this will be great

the collar cam came today! i didn't expect it, so i didn't get it out of the post box until it was too late to use it tonight. the batteries are charging. the reviewers weren't kidding about the instructions, holy google translate. i think i can work it out, though. it displays my phone number, so if it comes off and someone finds it, they can return it. it won't be any good to them without the firewire.

i can't wait to use it tomorrow. i will have a whole new set of videos and photos for Circus Catimus. this will be great.
2013, cyd, new

because he's butch

the a/c is on. it's 87 out.
it's been two months since i wrote a poem.
i think i've run out of photoshop tutorials on the web.
i want to lay down, but there's little point.
i downloaded a simplified manual for my camera.
i need to order another micro SD card for the collar cam, didn't know that.
lizard season has begun, in case you missed it on @CircusCatimus.
i've decided all my social media graphics are going to now contain reminders to vote.
we're going to the nursery early saturday morning.
i'm getting tomato plants and cacti.
i'm also growing herbs.
i finally cleaned off the patio, it looks great again.
Stray Kitty's name is officially Brian Setzer.
If i adopt him, i'm changing his name to Bucho, because he's butch.