March 30th, 2014

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i love him

he went out to get Lelu some canned food and me some cola. he just called me from the supermart and asked if i preferred bikinis or briefs. i'm assuming he's buying me underwear. what a sweetheart.

i spent most of the day asleep, trying to recover from the past few days. i feel much better, don't mistake me, i'm just a little raw still. but i can get up and make myself coffee and post in here, so things are definitely going better than they were a couple of days ago. tomorrow i should be back to normal.

BTW, thank you wastededucation, for the font link. some really delicious fonts there that i can't wait to play with. i think i downloaded all the free ones.

the Star Trek: TNG that is on is about Worf and his son getting to know each other. i love this episode. Worf is so awkward as a parent and the kid is a trial from start to finish.
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good morning

i finally talked doc into letting me get an instagram account on his phone. so i went through the install and everything, only to find that you have to sign in through facespace. doc, understandably, refuses to put facespace on his phone, so that's the end of instagram for me. bummer. why is everything connected to facebook? they are a virus.

i think today i have my concentration back enough to make a couple of videos. doc is asleep and i am up for the first time in a few days. so, blessed alone time. news and twitter. and eventually photoshop and premier.
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have a nice night

i worked hard on those videos today. they took most of the day to make. i tried to choose music that went with the cat. doc talked me out of the action/adventure soundtrack for Major in favor of a slightly calmer piece of music.

i also made a video of all my footage and pictures of the Ethel M Lighted Cactus Garden from the holidays. it's a long video, 6 minutes. but it's got the Nutcracker Suite Overture as the music, so it's a pleasant 6 minutes.

now i'm out of video. well and truly. time to make more.

or time to do any of the hundred other things i need to do. i got this passion to make videos, so i made them all.

today was a much better day than yesterday, which was a much better day than the day before. tomorrow i should be normal again.

two years of not taking xanax has dropped my tolerance back down again. so i at least have that when i'm freaking out. like now. i don't know why. i woke up in full panic mode, a full hour before i was supposed to be up. i sat here and cried and shook for a while, slurping my cola before i realized i had another xanax dose to take. now i'm just waiting to feel better. i've stopped crying.

i don't like my new doctor. he's a big, friendly guy, with a white beard like santa claus. he has a british accent and a small, cozy office with comfy furniture. he wears jeans and birkenstocks. i should love everything about this guy. he seems made for me, right? but he's a little shouty. his voice is not at all soothing. it's rather abrupt and jarring. he scared me.

time to go mae cigarettes and coffee for doc toniight. have a nice night.