March 25th, 2014

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go watch the videos, please, you'll like them

grrrr-animals. that's all i can say to express myself right now.

my domain, expired. for some reason, network solutions didn't see fit to warn me it was going to expire, i've been all through my deleted and spam folders and i can find nothing from them. fuckers. so i go to renew. now i have to call them to renew. and there is an extra $25 fee for letting it expire (so if i just bought it outright, i wouldn't have to pay the $25, I asked . . . the tech on the phone was not amused). Then she wouldn't let me just choose one year renewal. she kept pressuring me to go for more years.

then, when all is said and done, my fucking credit card isn't working. so i still don't have my domain. and i have no idea why my card got declined. i have lots of money on it, i just got paid and i haven't paid rent yet.

and i know it's a holdover from my past, but i get really tense and embarrassed when my card is rejected. so there was that humiliation.

i made three videos today. - Teeny - Simon - Chewy

i'm quite happy with them. doc doesn't like the orchestral music on simon's. he thinks it's to memorial-like. i thought the song fit simon. he's regal like that. like the song i used for teeny fits her personality.

Lilliane, you'll be happy to hear this, almost as happy as I was . . . We got rid of B! Doc found a new scooter mechanic. and found out that B was fleecing him. he found a place with its own shop and parts and such. No more B!!! I never have to see him again!!! And we have a decent bike mechanic.

doc is trying to get them (the new mechanics) to let me do their website. they have what looks like a basic wordpress site. but everything is graphics, boxes of text describing what they do, done as graphics. so the google has nothing to index. they have absolutely no search engine presence. but the owner's worthless son designed it, and has convinced him it's great. i'm thinking of making a sample site and sending it to them. i don't know. it would be an easy job. simple site, no maintenance, just needs text so it will get indexed. and there is this big grey box at the top of each page that needs to go. pity, really.

the next day . . .

i guess i should post this. i'd write more, but i'm about to lay back down for a while.
2013, cyd, new

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