March 19th, 2014

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Cox/McAfee Saga

Me: Hi, I'm having a problem with my McAfee software.
Him: Okay, what is wrong?
Me: Whenever McAfee wants to tell you something, like update, or scan a drive, it provides a pop-up window to do so. My problem is that the function buttons on the pop-ups don't work, and I can't get the pop-up to go away without restarting my computer.
okay, tell me if that is at all unclear. please, because this has tripped up no less than 7 Cox/McAfee phone techs, and I really don't know what is going wrong.
Him: You need to turn on your pop-up blocker.
Me: No. Not internet pop-ups, alerts from the McAfee program itself.
Him: Oh.
Me: Yes, and I've reinstalled it and been blown off by your co-workers 6 times now, to no avail.
Him: When was the last time you reinstalled it?
Me: Two days ago.
Him: I'll need you to go download it and reinstall it. There has been a new version.
Me: In the last two days?
Him: Yes.
Me: Though the person I talked to yesterday knew nothing of this update.
Him: You'll have to reinstall it.
Me: I"ve done this six times now, and it hasn't helped.
Him: But if you do it again, everything will go back to normal.

I hung up on him and wrote a nasty tweet to his boss. No wonder Doc doesn't work for them anymore, he's competent. And it isn't the fault of the techs, they are all equally stupid. I blame the training, I blame Cox.

So, even after I hung up on him, I went and downloaded and reinstalled the software. For the 7th time in as many days.

And the problem persists. So I'm on hold again. This is quite beyond the pale, it really is. More later . . .
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i got the same guy on the phone again, i just couldn't deal with his stupid. not for me, Jamail. i guess i'll have doc call later, or i'll try to call later in the day. i have to resart my computer every twenty minutes because the stupid program wants to update.
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