March 17th, 2014

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2013, cyd, new

i got nothin'.

we're getting a camera for Felix and Evie to share. I pretty much know what Evie does and where she hangs out, but Felix is a complete mystery to me. so we're getting a pet cam to strap to their collars. i know i'll put it on TeenyTulip, too, just to get her perspective.

i read all day. i looked on a website not long ago to figure out which Anne Rice book to read next. I do, and start reading it, only to find i should have read two others before it. grrr.

i got my nachos today. cooked the meat and prepped the toppings while doc went out for chips and sour cream. i made a huge pan of them. piled high. i was so hungry, i didn't even get a picture of them.

i slept through Cosmos again. It will be on On Demand tomorrow, i can watch it then.

i've decided to take the two menus I designed, add a few of my favorite recipes and write a small cookbook. I'll sell it on or some other self-publishing site. i'll take pictures for it for all the dishes and include them. i hate cookbooks without pictures. i don't know what set me on this course, but it seems like an interesting thing to do, and lord knows i don't have enough on my plate.

much later . . .

i don't know what to say. i got nothin'.