March 11th, 2014

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Confession time over

You know, with each passing year, i feel more stable and more in charge of my own life. And every year, the popularity of reality TV grows, exploiting every stinking single hardship every stinking single person has ever faced. I wonder if the two are connected? I don't actually watch reality TV. But I still hear about it and am exposed to aspects of it, usually the most outrageous, I will admit. And really, the more ridiculous it becomes and the more I see how really fucked up and stupid people are, the better I feel and the smarter I feel. Is anyone else feeling the same way as time goes on and this craze in programming spins us out of control?

Can you dispute a hospital bill? I mean if they really fucked up and failed to diagnose and treat something simple? When I went to the hospital last year, it was a train wreck, from the bent needle IV into a random part of my arm. To the tech that pumped iodine into that bad IV for 15 minutes before figuring out my arm was swelling up. Even after I told her. I wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom for 8 hours, for no reason, the nurses were surfing the net the whole time, I could see their screens. They packed me off in the morning with no warning or diagnosis, other than conversion syndrome ("it's all in your head, dear). Two days later, still in pain, I went to an Urgent Care and was properly diagnosed in under a half an hour from walking in and packed of with a script for an anti-inflammatory, not just a couple of pain pills that were good for nothing. It was the Naproxen that took the swelling down. And for one tenth the cost. I paid that bill.

I think I've settled on a font. I'm going to play with it tonight and see how it looks with the other design elements. I think it will sloppy the space up nicely without me having to mess with a bunch of textures and such. Though I am thinking, just considering, adding a light texture to the background. I'm working with black and white as base colors, so I have the whole grey scale to work with when it comes to textures. I don't have to worry about losing the integrity of a hue with transparency. Since when do I think about this stuff? Am I becoming a designer?

in the morning . . .

ten degrees cooler today. I was comfy yesterday. Windy, too. The spring is windy here. The summer is calm, though. I'm glad I didn't sweep off the patio yesterday, it would just have gotten dirty with this wind. Spring kind of blows in to town. And kind of sneaks out with a hangover. Like most tourists. Spring is a tourist. Someone should write a poem about that.

I feel brain dead. I can't hold a thought. I've been trying to read news and I keep realizing in the middle of the articles that I'm not paying attention.

This bite itches! I'm going to peel my skin back and flush it out with vinegar soon, I swear.

I think it's that my allergies are up. My eyes are watering constantly and I'm sniffing, and if I'm being allergic, then I'm reacting more to the poison in the bite. Okay, reasonable explanation. I can live with that.

You know why I never used captial "i"? It's awkward. I don't use shift with my left hand at all because my left pinky has never done what I told it to do. Sp it's awkward to hit the right shift key with the pinky and the "i" button at the same time. There. Confession time over.
2013, cyd, new

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