March 9th, 2014

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it's kind of funny, we have four beds and two couches and I have no where to sleep right now. unless i want to go outside and lay down in the back of the big ass truck on my new futon. doc's room smells like bug killer, my room is. . . bad, the guest room bed is covered with boxes, doc is on the big couch and the little couch is drying because a cat peed on it so i had to clean it. maybe i'll bite the bullet and go into my bedroom. i could take the laptop and some music to make it not so damn quiet in there.

something went down on the next street over last night. a helicopter was circling above the neighborhood with it's spot on the street behind the house across the street from us. at about the same position of our place. it was out there for about an hour, no sirens or anything, though. i did not take the dog for his midnight walk.

we have so much to do tomorrow. and doc is going out to do laundry. we have to put the fencing up because just taking chewy out on a leash isn't doing it for his exercise, he won't run around at the dog park. i think he's scared of open spaces. so he needs to be able to run around the back yard. plus, i will be going out there a lot more often and i want to be able to let him come with me. so we have got to do the fencing tomorrow. that cannot wait.

and i have to bring my new futon in and put it in my room. i think i'm going to get rid of the headboard piece i use. and maybe align the bed differently in the room. i don't know. doc wants me to do whatever i want to to my room so i will go back into it. i was so happy to get my own room back when i didn't like him. and now that we like each other again, i'm never in my room. but neither is he. in his room, i mean.

tomorrow i have to do some stuff on the poetry site, like judge two contests. and that's all. i'm devoting the day to doing stuff around the house and yard. i'm going to trim the palms and doc is going to figure out a way to put the fronds on the roof of the ugly tin shed.

yeah, i'm going to take the laptop and go back into my room and lay down for a couple of hours.
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another shirt to wear

I am so not feeling the poetry today. I have two contests to judge that are way past due. And I just can't bring myself to go to the site. I've been fighting on facespace with some Native American woman who decided to call me a racist and just insult the shit out of me over a post I made on a friend's post. I freaked and just whipped out my best thesaurus fingers/brain and ripped her apart. The I stopped and realized I was doing in on someone else's space, and that was just rude. So I apologized to him and she decided I was trying to apologize for what I said. So I doubled down on everything but calling her a "slag", because that wasn't right to tear down another woman like that. I said I was really sorry and really wrong for that.

And then I think I figured out where I know this guy from, when my Navajo sister was living with us in CA in the 80's. He must be from then because he knew Percy's (my sister's) favorite song and linked to it after I apologized to him. So that's a neat connection I didn't know I had to the past. Good old Facespace.

I moved all the furniture around in my bedroom to make room for the new futon and frame. The under frame is metal springs, so it is comfortable, but the upper frame, the part that shows, is black lacquered wood. I mean, this thing is Nice. My current futon mattress, which is on the floor, I like sleeping down really low or up really high, not so much in the middle, is about three inches thick. And it's filled with thick, dense cotton. The new one is 12 inches thick and has a thick, dense core, wrapped in three inches of soft batting. The whole thing is quilted every twelve inches all the way through, so it will stay together even though it is a composite fill. So it kind of makes up for not being able to be on the floor anymore. Maybe I'll build an MDF platform for it in my room. I would make it so I could take it apart and move with it.

The book case we got, I want so badly to talk Doc into putting it in the living room. It's black matte and would replace the white shelves and go next to another, lower matte black shelving unit. The smaller unit is open in the back, and so is the new one. They would look so good together, and I could install the white shelves in Doc's room for him while he is at work. The white shelves really can't handle the weight of the books that are on it, one shelf is currently collapsed and empty. So it's really not doing any good. And he would mostly put decorative boxes and tins and rare coins and manly stuff such as that on them, not a lot of heavy books.

Oh, man, I've just gotten three messages from that woman. I'm not even going to look at them. I don't want to know, I don't want to engage. She's not even a blip on my radar.

Okay, I have somehow rubbed a bit of white ash on my black shirt and I can see it in my periphery. It's really bugging me, I need to go find another shirt to wear.
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i made a cat meme

it's Evie, actually giving me lovey face, but when I was scrolling through photos, she just looked pissed when I saw this. Her eyes are a bit crossed so she always looks cross.
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he's good like that.

doc's first night in his new bed. i wake him up in 15 minutes.

oh, here comes Evie, she's spotted that my lap is empty and is coming right for me!

settle down, cat-dear. good girl.

i never did the poetry thing today, and i don't see it happening tonight. i will make myself do it tomorrow and then stay away from the site until i'm feeling it again.

that reminds me i have to search my disks for some video footage from last spring. i know i have it somewhere. not a real problem if i don't. i'm mainly just curious to see it again.

i didn't watch Cosmos. i'll watch it on demand later. i slept. i stayed awake all day to be up to move my bed in when he got home from his friend's house. then the bed didn't fit. we have to take it apart. we need another half inch of room. bah.

then the coffee maker broke. i can't get the container back into the unit right. i'll let doc mess with it. he can fix things, he's good like that.