March 8th, 2014

2013, cyd, new

i think i'm done

i think i have everything installed and working. i think i'm finally done. i have all the working software backed up and numbered as to the order it gets installed in. i have tested everything. then cleaned everything. now all i have to do is decide what to do next. i think i'll make sounds for Bollux to make instead of those stupid beeps.
2013, cyd, new

garage sale season!

so we got doc a new mattress and box spring yesterday. so now he has his own bed. it's in the hallway, he has to make room for it.

then on my walk with Chewy today, i went to a yard sale and they had a brand new futon with frame. and the futon is three times as thick as the one i'm sleeping on the floor on. so i asked how much they wanted for it. they wanted a very reasonable price. so we came home and told doc and he just got back from the ATM with the cash for it.

i've run out of video footage. i've made two videos of the animals.

okay, got the bed. and a really nice bookshelf, a meat slicer, 3 fiestaware bowls, a tool rack, and a stuffed eagle. for one low price. they have a full cow hide that i really want, but we don't have the place for it or the money. and the guy was really nice, he asked if we were okay financially buying as much stuff as we did from him, wasn't that nice? but we were okay. it was our two weeks of discretionary cash. things will be a bit lean, but we're taken care of. and we both have new beds!!

the remake of "Stop Chewing on Your Sister" is up. new footage, back to the original music.