February 26th, 2014

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I've been craving a shake for a while now

I started responding to my OKCupid messages, but then I realized I was just being mean to stupid lonely people. Some guy sent me the formulaic message going on and on about how beautiful my smile is. The only picture in my profile where I'm smiling, you can see my teeth are missing. I somehow doubt his sincerity.

I'm finally back to normal. I slept through it, getting up for cigarettes and maintenance. I tried not to talk to Doc, so I wasn't mean to him. I'm so back to normal, I couldn't sleep last night. I just lay here awake, snuggling with Chewy, listening to the TV.

Now I have a big decision to make: do I drink the last of my soda? Or do I make myself a fresh pot of Whole Bean Vanilla Coffee (very important, imported stuff, must all be capitalized)? I think I'll make a pot of coffee. I need to finish off my milk today and there isn't enough for cereal.

Oh! I just remembered! Doc said he got round steak for me, so I can make Korean Beef Fritters. I found the recipe! You will NOT find this recipe on the web. It is in one place, a mormon cookbook produced and sold in the 70s by a church ward (region) that my parents were in. This recipe is nothing to do with Korean food. It is roughly Asian-influenced only in that the marinade is a soy sauce base. You take the thin round steak, cut it into small fillets, 3x3 is fine. Then pound the shit out of the steaks with a textured mallet. Put them in a marinade of soy sauce, minced garlic, chopped spring onions, and a bit of rice wine vinegar. Let sit for two to three hours. I don't recommend this as an overnight marinade, it is way to salty for that after the meat is pounded. Then dredge the steaks in seasoned flour mixed with some sesame seeds and then dip in egg wash and fry in 1" of canola or peanut oil. Serve with stir fry veg and sticky rice. And a knife and a fork, because the steaks are 3x3. Yeah, not a lot of Asian cooking experience went into this one. I don't even think Koreans really use soy sauce all that much, I'll have to ask Doc. He has family.

The soy marinade mixes with the creamy egg and cooks inside the flour "crust" and creates this juicyness when you bite into it like you wouldn't believe. I've only ever had the juicy explosion in Chicken Kiev, and I don't make that. This is a simple and quick thing to do with a not-so-nice cut of beef. Any steak will do. Since you pound it, it doesn't matter how tough it started out as. And the marinade breaks it down more, and the high heat of the cooking oil does it even more. So you end up with tender vittles, no matter what. I wonder if I can get Doc to make me sticky rice. I'll settle for Jasmine rice. I'll eat it iced, instead of with soy sauce like the sticky rice.

Ooh, did he say something about ice cream yesterday? I remember him placing these darling salt and pepper shakers on my pillow to show me, I opened my eyes for that. If we have ice cream, I'm making myself a shake. I've been craving a shake for a while now.