January 25th, 2014

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i want to study while i still feel unstoppable.

i don't think i got all the hair bleach out. i can still smell it below the scent of the oil i just treated the ends with. oh well, most of my hair is blonde. i missed a couple of spots. they're in the back. i'm not concerned. the back is never perfectly straightened, either. hell, Debbie Harry doesn't even bleach the back of her hair, she just leaves it dark.

i spent last night on my new site. i started with a design that was far too complicated for me to do, and simplified it, added my own graphics and font and such. i have graphics for the first page done. now i just have to do the graphics for the rest of the site, which should take long. simple black and white, i have the font chosen. just text. then comes the coding.

before i start that, though, i'm going to delve into the Flash for Dummies book and see if i can't figure out how to make Flash slideshows. because my art and photography would look much better as slideshows than as the images just stacked on a page, like i have now.

doc helped with the site design. he was crucial in choosing colors. though i always poo-pooed his suggestions and then came back to them. i wanted to do green, but i'll save that for Kelli's site. finding a green that doesn't make me sick in web hues is going to be tough. so i settled on a deep blue and a less deep purple. with black, and it doesn't look like a 20's bordello. i was afraid of that. but the picture i used on the front page, in the header, has blue and purple tones. so it works.

the coding is going to take forever to start with and then be really quick. i have to draw an image map, i'll have to read how to do that again. i decided against rollover images. i used a lot of drop shadows and brushes and textures on the header, i didn't want things to get too complicated. i want the words and images to speak, not the site design.

i have to reply to my "suitors" today. i've gotten about 8 men interested in meeting me. i will write to them today and find out, if i can, what interested them. the answers will help me pick out who to keep talking to. i checked craigslist, and i will do that as a last resort, but the people advertising there for platonic were all about the casual sex. it appears that platonic is no longer a word who's definition is in the common lexicon. jesus. look at porn like us normal people.

there was one ad i was interested in, it was for a road trip to san diego or los angeles. but when i read the ad, it hinted at more than a ride and some mutual enjoyment not as a euphemism. so i got out of there.

i didn't get my 1-3:30 nap. i was up all night. i'm going to keep going as long as the coffee lasts. and we just got a tin, so it will be a while. i guess i'll quit when i run out of pot, and the patience to do this. pot is my Ritalin. it helps me concentrate. they say you can counteract the memory issues with pot by taking ibuprophen with it. which i do.

okay, i thought i wanted to write, but i'm on a roll with this site design stuff and i want to study while i still feel unstoppable.
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i think not.

i want a link to this video of London in 1927, in Color to be somewhere other than on my facespace, so i'm posting it here. i don't know how long it will be up. it's gorgeous. i've watched it a bunch of times.

i fried my brain on Flash instruction and then crashed out. Coming to terms with the fact that i get my best sleep in the afternoon/evening. doc is unhappy with that, i'm just happy i found a time i could sleep more than 2 hours. i'm backing off the Flash. it's too much information too soon. Too many new terms and phrases and instructions to comprehend. i need to find a tutorial on what i want to do, instead of trying to learn the program from scratch. i used to know how to do it. i should be able to pick it back up again.

there is nothing on TV at the weekend. it's sad, really. you would think the programmers would be more sensitive to people that are home, just blanking out on their weekend. but they program the worst shows and movies.

i'm watching Star Trek: TNG. Data and the doctor are tap dancing. for once the holo deck is not malfunctioning and there seems to be no problem with the space time continuum. i'm not sure what to think of this episode.

i woke up in the most foul of moods. Felix was meowing for food and would not shut up, so i put him outside. i need to let him back in. that was mean. it's not cold outside or anything, but it was still mean, i need to bring him in and cuddle him for a while and then refill the food. okay, better. he didn't want the dry food. he is still meowing, but more quietly now, and mainly to Simon, who is meorwing back at him.

my hair no longer smells like chemicals. which is good because it was nauseating me. i washed and deep conditioned it, then applied an oil by the brand name "Enjoy". i can't tell you what it smells like, because i have nothing to compare it to, but it smells good. really good. want to start applying it to my body good. want to smell it all the time good. i'm debating whether to put a "real" blonde shade on top of the bleached out color, which is several shades of white and pale yellow. but i don't know. i kind of like it looking unnatural. the whole thing is fake, it's not really blonde, it's not really straight. why should the color be realistic? does it matter? i think not.

okay, i'm in a better mood now. i can go back to work.

that reminds me, i don't know why, i need to check up on my un-moving ebay sales. i wish i could get the stuff to sell. *sigh*
2013, cyd, new

i don't have to learn Flash right now!!!!!!

i don't have to learn Flash! i can do what i want to do in Dreamweaver using CSS or Java. i'm so relieved. i was reading the Dreamweaver for Dummies book anyway, so this just has me skip ahead a bit. no whole-other-program-to-learn bullshit. you don't know what a weight this takes off my mind. i was really hopeless about the Flash frustration and was about to give up, when a mis-labeled link in the search led me to very complicated CSS instructions using a template. doing some more research, i found out that you don't have to use a template and given images, you can create your own. more relief.

i may have to redo the text on my site template links, but it will only take me a few minutes. i did everything in separate layers, so everything is editable with minimum fuss. i can even change the colors without changing the textures. and yes, i used textures. ack! sophisticated Photoshop stuff right here.

i finally installed the program i needed to easily surf the WMF images in my clip art collection. all the "free" stock image sites are really expensive. i will only need a month's subscription to stock up on images, but i can't afford it now. so i figured it was time to take advantage of the collection i paid for on many CDs years ago. and so far, i've found what i needed, and a few other things.

i am going to cook and eat Felix if he doesn't shut up. a nice kitty fricassee. ugh. he has given up on the food and started stalking and cornering and then scolding Bagira. he really doesn't approve of anything Bagira does. and now he's gotten Major started, who is in the bedroom howling. yikes! how can Doc sleep through this mess?

right. time to read until my eyes cross, then to play with some images just for shits and giggles. i want to try manipulating graphics, instead of photos. adding textures and filters and brushes and such. see what i can come up with.