January 23rd, 2014

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plain, cotton-lycra, black.

i'm going to go to sleep. i'm not going to feel bad that i am going to sleep because i have a full plate tomorrow. first and foremost, i must clean the kitchen. doc hasn't been doing it, and has used every pan and almost every plate and bowl. i keep using the same plate and bowl and spoon. so i have to do that first thing tomorrow and get it done. doc's only task for tomorrow is to clean off the dining room table so i can paint. i want to work with my hands to create. this poetry and photo stuff is fun, but i want to make something. and i have a rough idea for a painting, so i want to get to that.

man, another middle eastern man messaging me. i'm going to stop hoping they are different and friending them on facebook when they ask. it's like someone passed out my name at a convention of perverts in saudi arabia. what the actual fuck?

my rings are irking me. i have bands on three fingers, rings with center pieces on the other two. and the two with center pieces keep turning to face backwards. i'm going to have to get bands for them. my final baby ring broke last month. i want to get another one or two, but i don't know where in the world to get them. any suggestions?

i'm going to try to bra shop online tonight. doc has been trying to get me bras, but he's a guy and i'm not there. and he gets the cheapest, which to him makes sense, he doesn't realize there are certain things you can't skimp on. just like he wouldn't buy the cheapest underwear, but the ones he knew would fit and last. i also need underwear, and it seems the only place i can get plain black panties is online. alll they have in the stores are pastels and flowery and lacy shit. i don't do that. plain, cotton-lycra, black.
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check this out

look at what i just learned how to do:


new one:

is this not the coolest thing? it takes a while to do, it's not just a matter of laying an instagram filter over the photo. i finally got the annoying yellow out of this picture. i know how to do that, now.
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i won't put this on facespace

he's afraid of all and sundry seeing it. point taken. but i will put it on here because y'all are my friends. and i'm proud of the way a bad picture turned out.

i actually found this great article that made my head explode. i cleaned all that up and bookmarked the page because i couldn't keep reading it. i'm very picky about what i bookmark. i learned many years ago that a cluttered bookmark folder helps no one. and is of no use. i use the feature a lot more now than i used to. so the article. it was tips and tricks for photoshop written from the perspective of the anal retentive. everything takes twenty steps to do the simplest thing. i will have to get more familiar with the keyboard shortcuts and layer masks and levels layers before i go back to that.

i've scoured pages one and two of the google search, and i'm about to delve deeper for more. there has to be more. most of what i find is either adding pure fantasy elements to something, or changing the completely real elements. i'm looking for things that alter the image as a whole. certain areas can be focused on, but for the most part, the whole image. i've found two so far. of 230.

i memorized/learned the lomo-ize steps. i memorized them first and now i'm working on figuring out what each step does and why and how it applies to other things. there are more techniques in the cinemascope thing i'm doing now with photos. so i've memorized the steps and even changed a couple that were too complicated and accomplished the same thing as the simplified version. i've discovered that pictures that are essential in the beginning of a process just get in the way later on when i'm trying to learn the order of the steps. then i need to discover what each step does, and personalize it with my own settings, not just see it done in a prescribed way. then i learn.

that website i wanted to buy the source images for and imitate, i've found the textures and the brushes that were used in the design. the rest of the files i don't need. those were the two that i needed. the other image i can find easily enough, probably a vector version so i can have some fun with it.

i'm going to hell. if there is a hell. i just thought i'd throw that out there.

who would name a kitten "The Colonel"? what a name to saddle a kitten with. i know how ridiculous it will be when Teeny Tulip is grown up and it looks like she's going to be a monster of a cat, to be calling her Teeny, but that's what she is. and will be compared to the others, for a while. Major was easy because he was grown up. he could handle a rank. now he's even bigger (they told us he was 3, he was no where near that old) than he was. I could name him Colonel, if i got him now at his big size. Vader's name is up for debate. it was a fun fandom name when he was little and now that he's big, it just seems to fit him more. but he doesn't know his name, so i don't know how successful we were with naming him.

wow, it's six. i've been up for two hours. i've accomplished . . . well i've gotten one of the stock images i need to alter a bit for my new site, and the textures and brushes i need. and i've altered two photos. that took some time. i'm not cleaning the kitchen until it's light out. i have some kind of block with that. i only like being in the kitchen in the dark at night, the lights in there bug me. if we owned this house i would be changing them. there's a lot about the kitchen i would change if we owned this place. the cabinets need new hardware, what we have has caught on and torn three pairs of my pants. and they need to be painted to match the floor. i would change the carpet. i would fight with doc about tile floors and area rugs, but at least get some nice, sturdy, dark berber. i don't care if it's not hip anymore. and i will never again have light carpet if i can help it. it's easy to clean and harder to stain. and it feels nice longer. and it wears better. yeah, i could spend $150,000 on the house, buying it and fixing it up. more if i did the yard.
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how to get no responses in a personal ad

make it perfectly clear you do not want sex. at all. i decided to use POF.com to find a going out buddy, since doc won't go out with me. but i wanted to be clear up front i didn't want a bunch of sex crap. i wasn't rude about it, just made it very plain. so it's either that, or i really am unattractive on a base level and i just don't realize it.

i played with a ton of photos. then i got up to take a smoke break and ended up cleaning the kitchen and cooking some shrimp up for lunch.

now i'm blatantly monopolizing the laptop and i'm waiting for doc to call me on it.

funny, getting back to that other thing. i just read an article in Salon.com about how you couldn't make a person on a dating site reprehensible enough that men would not want to hook up. but that is wrong. if you're not hot, and there's no hanky panky, there's no response. easy, for real people.
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what i did today

here's some of what i did today, what i learned. sorry some of the pictures are repeats, i have a lot of pictures in shadow or of black cats and they just won't work for the stuff i'm doing.

linear halftone
linear halftone. i like the effect, but i still don't like the photo.

this is the one i'm most fond of, the picture i posted a before and after of earlier was this technique. i call it "cinemascope".

comic  book
i call this one "comic book". the size of the image needs to be a little larger for this to work really well. this is passable as popart

this is a vintage effect that actually looks pretty convincing, i have a vintage picture of a christmas tree and the patina is the same.

bagira in a depth of field arrangement

another linear burn with some cheesy text effects

a watercolor harley

another depth of field experiment with light leaks, i'm not sure i'm happy with this one, but it was my current favorite picture.

this is a colored pencil sketch, or it should be, i need to work on this technique a little, and have a better source photo

vintage Simon

that about sums it up. there are a couple more things i'm messing with. i need to get out and take more pictures to use for these. and if i'm going to use selfies for this little task, i need to stop taking them in shadow.

too bad i can't use any of this to make my ebay sales more effective. those are all pretty straightforward.
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i was wrong

while i was napping, i got five responses to my pof.com personal. cool. a couple of the guys look like they would be really cool to hang out with. one guy is dressed as Captain Morgan in his profile picture and another guy who is older who just seems cool. i'm going to contact them tomorrow. once i figure out what i'm going to say. then i have to get over the thing i forgot about, my teeth. i'll deal with that when the time comes.

tomorrow morning the weekend begins and thus the food fest. for dinner tomorrow it's crab ravioli and whole wheat garlic cheese bread with fresh buffalo mozzarella. i think we'll have bacon with our waffles on saturday, i'm tired of sausages. i never thought i'd say that. mostly because i spent most of my life hating sausages. i saw how they were made very early in life (german family - you know they love their sausages) and it took me years to become desensitized to it. so bacon it is! i wish doc liked ham. it would shake up our breakfast meat routine. and maybe sunday we'll do brunch out at the fire pit and i will make a nice quiche in the pan Liliane got me for xmas. i haven't used it yet.

i'm so bored. i wanted to paint today but doc didn't get his crap off the table. he's doing it this weekend. or i'll beat him up. i have this stack of canvas boards i want to use. i need to get some gel medium at michael's. i want to transfer some images to the canvas board to paint with.

i'm so tired of facebook. i hate every change they make, it seems. everything they do now is to maximize earnings and the user suffers.

2 motorcycle fatalities today. one right up the road. motorcycle ran a red light. didn't beat the dodge ram. sad.