January 20th, 2014

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evil inspired laughter here

if it involves the computer and i CAN learn it, i WILL learn it. i got the plugin program to work with the host program. my Photoshop CS6 is now all powerful. i don't think there's anything it can't do, if asked nicely enough.

i've recently woken up to google in all it's glory. say what you want about the rest of their dealings, but their gathering of information and ability to spit it back out at you is amazeballs. unlike my pets, google understands english and logic, even my logic. the more wordy a question i ask it is, the better my results are. i remember the days when you used to enter one or two words and sift through all manner of shit. it's been over a year since i had to use the second page of a google search. if only i could get a google engine on my livejournal. that would be mad.

now it's time to open my main programs: windows explorer, photoshop, dreamweaver, coreFTP and firefox for any problems i might encounter. i believe i said i'd have the newest parts of the site up by morning. well, it's morning. i need to get moving.
2013, cyd, new

if only i could adequately explain that in broken english.

holy god - DW has an FTP feature! i don't have to run Core FTP and keep connecting, DW will do that all automatically! and i've been playing with the link updates. i have a template full of navigation images in my main folder. i can 'save as' to anywhere in my mapped site and DW will prompt me then, as instructed, change the links to match up to the files. Brilliant! i think i knew it could do this once upon a time. i seem to remember these features, just not being clever enough to use them. it pays to press the buttons.

we are watching BBC News. they are doing a thing on space, i'm not sure what they are saying, i'm listening to the goo goo dolls again. just five songs of their entire discography. i haven't listened to anything else.

we were watching Pink's new concert on EPIX the other day, and in a constant quest to understand doc's taste in music, i asked what he thought of her voice (because he doesn't like Florence's voice, from Florence and the Machine, which i cannot fathom). he said she was a little shouty in her singing. i laughed so hard. i love the way he uses english, and misuses it.

renaming my "coppermine" folder on the server seemed to work. over 8 thousand 404 requests. and i know every page on my site that should, works. those wanna be hackers trying to fuck with my pictures for no good reason can move along to the next "coppermine" owner. untargeted attacks are always so unflattering.

there was a site linking to my thumbsucking section, but said i was "presumably" sucking my thumb. i wrote to the owner of the site, and the "presumably" has been removed. yeah. i'm really sucking my thumb, mutherfuckers. i'm not some wanna-be fetish whore. that's my thumb and my life. and no, i don't suck my thumb during sex. sucking my thumb has nothing, as most if not all of you can figure out, to do with sex. it has to do with self comfort, not stimulation. if only i could adequately explain that in broken english.
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i feel accomplished.

okay, website design done for the day. if you are perusing and notice any broken links, i beg of you, let me know.

i will spend the rest of the day at allpoetry.com. i have been absent from there for about 2 weeks. i won silver and bronze in 2 contests, so that was cool. i need to think of a contest to start, since i almost have enough points to host one. today i will work on commenting and entering contests. mainly commenting. if i'm inspired i'll enter contests. they want you to write the piece when you enter the contest. they don't want anything prewritten. and i don't know how they always know, but whenever i use a prewritten poem, they get removed from the contest. maybe they do a google search.

but today is for adding favorites and commenting. contests are secondary.

i feel accomplished.
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i just thought i'd throw it out there.

well, i've gotten somewhere on allpoetry. advanced two levels today. won a silver and a bronze. any further advancement is dependent upon me entering and winning more contests and making dozens of really good comments. i don't need to post any more work. which is good. i don't want to post a lot of past work there. things i want feedback on, sure, but not just willy-nilly. from here on the poetry i submit will be original work written just for contests. i also have to host several contests and i can't do that until i win some, because i need the points. you can buy a membership, but you can't buy points. which is cool, they depend on how active you are in the community. there is also a bonus, the top five commenters each week or month, whichever, gets a full membership. i don't know for how limited a time, but hey.

doc brought home something called "cocktail croissant". they are about half the size of breakfast croissant, but just as buttery flaky delicious. and we have peppercorn Rondele and Vanilla Bean Alouette. And Nutella. And butter and jam! in fact, i can think of eating nothing but croissant for the foreseeable future.

I had that salmon for dinner last night. i cooked it perfectly. it took me a year but i finally got the hang of cooking on a gas stove again. it is so superior to electric. the skin was a bit blackened, which is what the skin is for, in my opinion. and the crust from the lemon butter in the pan and the salt, pepper and lemon zest on the top was perfection and so thick.

today i was going to eat light, and so i had a bowl of cap'n crunch. then i had croissant and butter and jam. hours later, i had chili dogs for lunch. and snickerdoodles for a snack. he keeps buying food i like! when the croissant are gone, i am having him get me coffee flavored slim fast powder. and i'm going to try to cut down on coffee and cola. my pants are getting a bit tight. time to lose weight for the summer. if i can shave for the summer, which i did today, i can lose weight for the summer. to that end, i took the dog for a walk today. i will take advantage of the cool weather to walk him now, before it gets all hot and summery.

i got a key to the front door for my anniversary. so i can take him for walks early in the morning before doc gets home. i had a back door key and key to the back gate, but it's a pain in the ass to unlock and unlatch the gate, it's a two handed, full bodied thing. so now i have a key to the front door and no excuse. it's warmer now and i got a hat and gloves for xmas to go with my scarf, so there really is no reason i can't take him out every morning when we wake up. put my coffee in a to go mug and head off to the park. then when i get home, stop the coffee and have my breakfast.

that sounds like a plan to health. it's still not eating vegetables, but it's a step in the right direction.

i have low hopes for my contest on allpoetry. i am looking for humorous pieces, the theme is "You're Wearing That?", a passive aggressive approach to a loved one wearing something they just shouldn't. in poetic form. i'm looking for clever. what i've gotten is the comment, "almost impossible to read. bravo". so i changed the background to something light, hoping that is what the vague and passive aggressive comment meant. i so don't understand people. why can't anyone be nice? i would hate to have that person comment on an actual poem i wrote.

so i have to come up with five more contest things. i need to look for pictures to use as prompts. i should be able to find some interesting stuff on my pinterest. or google. i can pretty much pick a word out of the dictionary and find an image to go with it, and then see if anyone else comes up with that word. that could be interesting. that may become a theme to my contests.

okay, back to commenting, before doc comes in and wants the computer again. during which time, i may go take a bath. i took a long shower and washed my hair and conditioned it really well in preparation for a bleaching. and i shaved for the first time since i last wore shorts. so i'm all smooth and lotioned up. i could go for a hot bath and more lotion after.

i also found the rings for my right hand and put them back on today. i don't know what significance that has, i just thought i'd throw it out there.
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and no one likes a crazy doc

you would think i would be all poemed out. strangely, i'm not. i've read a lot of poetry today. and i've only found one poet i liked. i read a piece by him that was truly in the spirit and language and tone of Bukowski. amazing. i loved it. i marked him as a favorite right away. there is a lot of poetry out there. and a lot of what is liked by the masses is abhorrent to me. my advancing levels at allpoetry now depends upon winning contests and starting contests and having people "applaud" my comments to them. about half the people you comment to applaud. never comment on a popular poem expecting an applause. you won't get it. but poems by new members and less popular poems often hide marvelous examples of wordsmithing.

i have to make sure i am saving hard copies of all the stuff i write on the fly for the contests. and i've found that i can write on command. i can't write for every contest, something has to inspire me. there have been a few today that i have written pieces for and then discovered i wasn't qualified to enter. that was a bummer, but better than the whole removal from a contest process, which happens without explanation and is soul crushing.

so i said i would do it and i did. i spent all day at allpoetry. doc barely got any computer time at all. i took a two and a half hour nap this afternoon and he got it, but that was about it. i have written and read enough poetry for one day.

i think i may finally take that bath and read some prose. "Dreaming of Babylon" has just gotten really interesting, i hated to put it down at the end of my last bath.

i did read this one piece today, it was a humorous retelling of the three little pigs, where red riding hood kills the wolf and the last remaining pig at the end. it was very Lewis Carroll. i loved it. i gushed about it in the comments to the guy who wrote it. i wonder if it is telling that i only really like poetry written by men. hm, that's certainly something to think about.

yes, definitely a bath, and then catch up on my news feeds. that should take me to the time i can wake doc up for work. i hope he goes tonight. he has been really stressed out and i think him getting out of the house for work keeps him from going stir crazy. and no one likes a crazy doc.