December 31st, 2013

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i think i will go do that for a while.

wow, it's New Year's Eve. i woke up at 10 and now it's 1am. i slept most of the day.

my mom still hasn't messaged me back about picking me up to see my Nana. i'm just going to stop thinking about it and pretend she isn't here.

Major will not shut up and Evie is now slapping him around and scolding him. more meowing, oooh, and hissing now. this won't wake doc up at all.

it's supposed to be in the upper 60's next week. i should be able to make a final push and finish the garage, with doc's help. i'm going to try to get him to help me tomorrow. go through his side of the garage and finally separate his stuff from my stuff so i can finish unpacking and repacking and get what i want into storage. he can do the same or leave his half of the garage a mess, but he'd better make room for his bikes and a way for us to get to the tool boxes. all the tools we use frequently are piling up on one of my work tables. and it was okay when it was a staple gun and a hammer, but now the pile is taking over.

i moved a CD rack out there just in time. i had taken a lot of CDs out there to listen to.

i have hit a box in the studio that has such varied stuff, it stymies me. it's all half taken out and spread all over the work table, i just have to go out there when i'm feeling decisive and get through it. this is the only kind of box that's left. boxes full of miscellaneous stuff. there's three or so of these. large. i'm halfway through the first one. ugh.

i found my Wilton Disney character cake pans. i don't know if i want to keep them or sell them. i should sell them. i have the tips to do the icing and parchment paper to make pastry bags, but i would have to get all new dyes for the icing to do any of that. i should sell the lot of it. *goes off and does research* yeah, i can make about $50 with them. enough to keep me in paints. i'm going to need black and white really soon. ooh, the icing tips are very valuable. i'm selling the lot of it. i'm not into cake decorating, per se. i did the Wilton star icing thing with the character cakes when i was younger, but when trying the leaves and flowers of wedding cakes, discovered i had no talent for it, my hands shook too much. that hasn't gotten any better.

i think while i'm still in the spirit of the holidays, i will make some salt dough ornaments for the tree for next year. if i find i'm good at it, i will make them as gifts for next year. a woman who baby sat me in the 70's used to make them. all identical seeming, but all unique. she would make them of plain dough and then paint and varnish them. i have a swedish horse cookie cutter that i would like to make some ornaments out of and paint in traditional colors and patterns.

i also, in the past, made some kind of salt dough gingerbread cookies that smelled nice after they hardened. i want to find a recipe for that and make those also. i have a heart cookie cutter to use.

i'm having a bad teeth month. i have a toothache in a tooth i thought was good, and on the other side of my mouth, one of my teeth broke on the outside, so it is scraping against the gum and making it raw. i can't eat any of my xmas goodies. i can't eat anything but yogurt. ugh.

back to the ornaments, recipes and tutorial links pinned.

speaking of pinning . . . if you are trying pinterest and haven't got a pin it button in your browser, you're missing out. that will connect you to all sorts of things. when you pin something from a website, it remembers the page it came from and clicking on the magnified image in your pinterest boards will take you back to that page. then, when you pin something, it will usually suggest another related board to view or follow. this is how i follow most people. eventually, you can't see yourself not pinning. i use it at least twice a week. in a conversation with doc, "oh, wait, i pinned this, let's look". always. i am a firm believer in pinterest. i just fear for its future. it is getting so big and so valuable but there is no place in their current model for ads. how will they make their money? i fear we will lose it. or it will become the hell that is facespace.

i'm bored and in pain, i just want to sleep. i think i will go do that for a while.