December 29th, 2013

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time to wash it out.

it's black and lacy. the cups are half satin and half lace. it fits me perfectly. my breasts are alert, separated, and happy. i love my husband and his bra shopping prowess. my boobies are happy now. no more droop. no more boob-loaf. the size came down to guess work. the one i was wearing that was too big was a 38D, the one he got me is a 38D, after all the others were too small. so don't go by size, they are just as fucked as the rest of the women's clothing industry. sad, really. how manufacturers manipulate us. if i hadn't had that old bra, i would think i'm getting fat again. and aside from a big belly, i'm not. and my belly is going down. but to be in the same size i was in when i was at my fattest would be a hell of a blow to my ego. but i have the old bra, with the size in it and how loose it fits me.

i'm bored. doc has a project spread out on the dining room table, so i can't journal. unless i do it on the floor, and i don't want to do that due to bad light. he got me the rubber cement. he had to get a small bottle. i'll send him to office depot this week to get a large bottle and a can of refill. but this will do me for now. i looked through pinterest for hours today and got so many inspirations for journaling, i can't wait to start.

i didn't take pictures of the studio today because i left it in kind of a mess. there is a box i am packing up for storage that is in the middle of the table, and another box of stuff i have to go through sitting on the other table. and there is garbage all over the floor because the garbage bag flopped over. tomorrow i will fix these problems.

weather report: mid 60's all week. yay! i go out to the studio once it hits 50 out. so there will be much time spent out there this week.

here's hoping we win the New Year's Giveaway from the local news channel. that would be a nice surprise. i don't play the lottery, i don't gamble. but i indulge in contests. so far i haven't won some really impressive stuff. including four trips to Disneyland. those are the contests i enter most often. it's the only way i'm going to get there, so i scour the web for Disneyland contests.

i need to roll cigarettes. okay, that's done. supply of cigarettes for the next day for doc and i.

i think i might actually put the xmas decorations away this week. it would be the earliest i've ever done it. but i'm ready for the stuff to be gone. i've enjoyed my tree, and i can't wait to put it up next year, but it's time for it to go. i was going to leave it up until the end of january, but i'm not feeling it. i have to take the lights down outside and put them up in the studio.

doc got me some more lights, half off after xmas, for the back patio. i have lights up now, but i don't expect them to last the summer. now i have the net lights and a string of 150 lights for the patio.

and when we get rid of the love seat, i'm going to take the uninfested upholstery and reupholster the seats of the chairs on the patio. then i'm going to paint the chairs. none of them match, they will look better together painted the same color.

i can't believe winter is only a week in. i'm so ready for it to be over.

time for a shower. doc is doing laundry in my tub, so standing shower it is. my hair is up in the "last day" braid. time to wash it out.
2013, cyd, new

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2013, cyd, new

now i'm ready for a nap

spend a few hours on a new site and get introduced to a whole new set of snark. people are savages, no matter where you go. reminder to never do anything i will resent, for fear i will take it out on whomever i am doing it for.

i recommend for all poets and aspiring poets. they have a system where you have to comment on others' work to post your own. so you are guaranteed to get some interaction. i'm getting feedback on my work for the first time in a long time. they also have contests. they are only for points that you use to give to others and hold contests of your own. but be careful, each one is different, and the rules can sometimes be complicated. all around, a really cool place. a lot of bad poetry. well, maybe it isn't bad. i just don't like it. a lot about god and a lot of stuff that tries too hard to rhyme. not a lot of free verse going on there. i did find a group for free verse, but you have to fill out an application and wait to be accepted. smacks of social media to me, but i'll go with it for now.

i worked in the studio. and i worked on my site. i don't like what i did, though doc does. i don't know. i worked in my altered book. i got out all my art journaling supplies and spread them out in an organized fashion on the dining room table. then i spent three hours on the allpoetry site.

now i'm ready for a nap.