December 27th, 2013

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i gotta go find something to do. bye!

i woke doc up for work last night and he puked. he came into the living room and lay down with his head in my lap for a bit until he ran to the sink and puked again. then i told him to stay home from work. he slept for a couple of hours and then went in to work. i'm on my own for the next 5.5 hours.

i slept a couple of hours. i slept three in the afternoon with doc. i have to stop doing that. i take up my studio time doing that. no good. i can sleep after it gets cool again. i just wear myself out in the morning.

on top of that list of stuff i did is -

vacuum living room, hallway, kitchen
mop kitchen
take out garbage

design 2 CD labels

notice i separate the computer things from the manual labor things. i really went apeshit. usually i do the stuff over a few days. but it had been two days since i vacuumed (i took xmas off, thank you very much) and cleaned the kitchen.

doc won't say so, but i think he is relived i've taken over the kitchen cleaning. i should do it. he works. he should get to relax when he gets home and not worry about crap like that.

he bought me a bra yesterday. heh. it didn't fit. he thinks i'm thinner than i am. so he's taking it back today and getting me another. i don't know why he just doesn't take me to get one, i guess this is easier for him. i don't think he'll find my size at the store. i don't have a typical bra size. 38C just isn't common. typically it goes up to 36C then to 38D. more power to him. he rocks as a husband. he buys me tampons each month, too. he even asks for my brand when he can't find it, and then goes to other stores to find it. and it required no training, he came this way. i know, what has been wrong with me the past five years?

now i'm making the 2 CDs i made the labels for. and i have a DVD to make, too. one of B's movies didn't work. J said all the others worked though. i can't believe they watched all of them yesterday, they must be really starved for entertainment. they don't have cable or a computer and just a handful of DVDs, most of them for R, the kid.

B said on our visit one disturbing thing: "just so you know, i've been taking R out every night on the scooter. he rides on my back and . . ." i stopped listening and started talking to J. that man is infuriating. so the scooter has been working and he hasn't wanted to earn money and come over here and fix the scooter, i guess. argh. just . . . argh.

i have a big TV, about as big as you could get with the traditional box TV, we got really lucky and only paid $10 for it. way to go, craigslist. but it is big. and it is my fireplace this year (of course we turned on the fireplace channel, we even had the netflix fireplace video running on the laptop), my stockings are hung beneath it and the xmas cards are on top of it. and it is full of xmas cards. pictures and drawings and glitter and snowmen . . . brilliant!

i gotta go find something to do. bye!
2013, cyd, new

crazed cats

i had a set of 77 sheets of scrapbooking paper of yellow and green and brown shades on ebay that just wasn't selling. and then i surfed "art journal" on pinterest and decided to take them down, off sale, and use them. now all i need is rubber cement. i've been looking at my altered book and the glue stick has not stood up the test of years. and that is with it not being opened ever after it was created. so i need to do some repair work on it. and then start adding stuff to it.

i messaged doc about getting milk and rubber cement on the way home from work. hopefully he'll get it. he never gets my texts. i don't know why. one ended up in his google mail box, but he can't get into his google mail. he had it pointed at his yahoo mail, and his yahoo mail pointed to his google mail. and forgot the password to both. so he can't change the passwords. so he's been using an email alias on my domain for important stuff. and youtube notifications. you know, because priorities.

ahh, breakfast of garlicc cheese bread dipped in tomato sauce. delicious. it was either that or chili dogs.

time to go out into the studio and get away from these crazed cats.