December 10th, 2013

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and it turns out, Tulip eats cake

oh shit, you guys . . . i'm going to see my parents for the first time in 12 years this weekend. that just hit me. kelli stated it yesterday when we were on the phone, but it didn't really hit me until just now.

my dad wasn't especially weird on the phone. he tried to get me to talk about where i live. he offered to bring the ornaments over. i deflected. i told him the house was built in 78, but nothing else really, nothing about where it is. didn't even hint if i was on the same side of the valley. no matter, he doesn't' need to know he's 5 minutes away.

he said that we could just pick up the box and go, we didn't have to feel obligated to stay and hang out with them. that put me at ease, and it should put doc at ease.

my mom got a whole box of ornaments together. my dad said about a half a trees worth, in our standards a lot. we are ornament lovers. i can't wait to get it and see what's in there. and fill in the holes in the tree. it's fake, so parts of it are sparse, and need an ornament to take away from that.

oh YES! the high tomorrow is supposed to be 52! i can get the shelves in my studio put up. and move the art drawers out of my room into the studio.

then i'm going to organize doc's side of things. so he can get his scooter bike in on his side. it's in the studio right now. i'm not happy with that. the thing scares me, i'm always afraid i'm going to knock it over. mostly because it is too heavy for me to lift back up. so i'm going to put his side together, storage wise, so he can get to everything, but can also have room.

i'm was thinking of putting the bookcase in the back bedroom into the studio. but if i get rid of the art drawers in my room, there will be room for the bookcase in there. i'll do that. keep the books inside the house. even though it isn't wet here, i feel better that way. so i can do that today.

we're losing the battle of the bedbug. we finally put my room back together after a course of spraying with toxic shit, vacuuming and spraying with toxic shit again. all of the bedding has been changed and the bed itself sprayed down with alcohol. it isn't working. doc found 4 bugs in the bed last night. he found one on the loveseat and three on the comfy chair. he will only sit on the big couch now. we're going to have to throw out the love seat and my mattress. my lovely futon mattress with my imprint in it in just the right place. doc woke me up with it last night twice. and then when i got up to get him coffee and wake him up, he was up and scared the living hell out of me when i was in the kitchen, newly awake, deep in thought about whatever dream i'd just have. he keeps doing that. i know i space out a lot, but it seems he is watching and waiting until i do, and then sneaking up on me. he gets so much stupid pleasure out of it. jerkman. heh.

R has reappeared. he ducked out of existence for a while. the past two or three months. he just came back, via facespace. he's not in a good place. i tried to be encouraging. he's a nice guy. i've missed him. the family has missed him.

Tulip waiting for something to happen.

so . . . i baked a cake . . .

and it turns out, Tulip eats cake

doc managed to cut the chewed part off and salvage and frost the cake. it looks good. the top tier is smaller than the bottom tier. the only problem i had was the only problem i ever have, the bottoms stuck to the pans. i have never been able to solve that problem. i need parchment paper for baking. but i used springform pans, so i was able to get a knife into the cake and extract it from the pan. damn, i remember now why i hate making cakes.

i made cookies, too, but i don't like those either. i don't like the mint m&ms. i used those in the cookies. don't like them. this weekend i'll make sugar cookies. and do my xmas cards. i've had the nearly dried out ink pads inverted so they should be ready to use. this weekend will be busy, but not as busy as next weekend.

next weekend, i get paid. so then we get to get doc's xmas presents and get them wrapped and under the tree. i'm really going to try to fit a chainsaw on a stick under the tree. it may stick out a bit.

i've still not decided what to have for xmas dinner. i thought about quiche muffins and steak . . . but that doesn't seem special enough. i should find out what a traditional swedish xmas dinner is like, and an irish one. no point in looking up doc's traditions . . . the far east doesn't seem to have many xmas traditions, heh.

dammit! tickets for the Book of Mormon go on sale this saturday. for an event in June. we're not going to be able to get tickets. i hope they open up some seats or standing room only near the time of the production. i have no problem standing through it. why are they selling the tickets so damn early? bastards.

i can't believe i'm going to see my parents this weekend. and meet their three dogs. and try to get recipes off of them. wow. this is trippy. doc wants me to wear my teeth so they don't think he can't take care of me. dentistry is so expensive, how can we afford to keep my teeth happy? i don't see it as a reflection on him, but on me. but i want him to be as comfortable as possible, since he really really doesn't want to do this.
2013, cyd, new

worst $15 i ever spent

damn, i can't find the Fugazi CD case for the disk i burned to replace the lost disk for doc. i found the Ani Difranco case, no problem, that is done and in his stocking. got to find the Fugazi case. yes, he has disparate tastes in music. and he's snoring. back off, ladies, he's mine.

now i'm burning Bugsy Malone for Kelli. she has a DVD player in her computer, which is hooked up to her TV. so for xmas i am burning my movie collection and making labels (thank you Tech Fairy) for her. i don't have that many movies. i also have to get my music collection together and get it onto USB stick to send her. and she's going to need Ab Fab and Farscape and, no wait, not Firefly, i burned those for her. so i have some work to do.

doc originally objected to my making labels for disks for him. when that didn't work, he objected to the disks themselves. when he finally figured out i was replacing lost disks for his CD collection, he was touched and stopped making noise about it. he's not ungrateful, just reluctant.

i had a couple of cookies, and i didn't like them, too much vanilla for the mint chocolate m's. then i tried a piece of cake, didn't like that either. the milk tasted off to me, though doc said it was fine. i'm not a great fan of yellow cake. i like chocolate cake and angel food cake. yellow cake tastes like white cake to me and i don't at all like the color. so i'm swearing off xmas treats until i make the candied nuts and fudge. and sugar cookies, that's a new recipe, i have to try those.

i think i'm just minted out with the whole candy cane in the coffee thing. i want pure flavors. that's why the recipe for the nuts has to be gotten from my mom, it has to be the original recipe. i've been reading others on the web, and i can't find one like the original. they call for egg whites or milk or something equally silly. and i need to get a candy thermometer. i could do the nuts by sight and smell, but i need the thermometer for the fudge, since i've never made it before.

i took an adorable picture of doc sleeping with Chewy yesterday. i'm thinking of framing it and sending to his parents on the sly for the holidays. but doc would be furious. he just won't let me take his picture when he's awake. ever. it's annoying. i have all these pictures of the animals and such and none of him awake. i take pictures of him sleeping all the time. he says it's creepy, which it might be, but i have no other way of remembering him. he takes pictures of me asleep with the animals all the time. what do i know, i sleep on camera. i'm not one to judge what "regular" people want.

i had a dream i met a girl who wanted to watch Kitchen Nightmares with me. i fell in love. i remember that. i had my laptop with me somewhere and she asked me if i had any episodes. i don't remember if it was just out of the blue, or if that's what the dream started with or what. strange i remember that now after waking up so many hours ago.

doc and i are going to go do laundry again today. whee. i don't want to go. the only bra i have to wear is that horrible Ah Bra that is nothing more than a skin tight thing. boob loaf. one big boob. i hate them. worst $15 i ever spent.