December 8th, 2013

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. . . and i was driving doc crazy.

doc was going to go out at 4 and get milk and sugar. he just left, the temp has dropped 8 degrees since then. it will actually be warmer tonight when he goes to work than it will be at noon. and no clouds, no chance for snow. just cold cold cold. stupid weather.

how do you teach a dog to fetch? how do you get him interested in the ball? i can barely get him to jump up for treats . . . i'm telling you this is a Mellow dog. i want him to play fetch with me. and he has no interest. he's only interested in cuddling and licking his former balls *Chewy, stoppit*. i would throw treats if he'd chase them. but Tulip gets to them first. i've tried it. he stands there looking at me and she runs off and carries the treat away. every day he has a burst of energy, not unlike a cat, where he tears around the house, not unlike a cat. then he spends the rest of his time sleeping, cleaning and eating, again, not unlike a cat. my dog thinks he's a cat. shit.

i wish our garage door was see thru. mirrored, so no one could see in, but see through on the inside. that would be cool.

damn. Felix and Lelu are fighting. they are the two oldest siblings. there is no breaking them up without injury. it seems just to be a growling and hissing match. now she is dominating and he is meowing for mercy. heh. good girl. old girl's still got it in her. she's coming up on 15 years old now. wow. and she's bouncy and demanding as she ever was. no more or less affectionate or involved. tolerant of the other cats, and the dog. and me. she loves doc. she puts up with me because i give her treats and catnip. which reminds me, Tulip is fixed now, and healed. her hormones should be leveling out. i should break out the catnip and see what she thinks of it.

i want to go out and put up my shelves. did you see them in a former post? laying dead on the table. i have jars mounted to the beneath of one of them and hooks on the other two for hanging necklaces and bracelets and such. i have to find the three screws i'm missing for them. i have no idea what i did with them, and i will not go out in this cold to find them. we got a brief break from it yesterday, i was able to go out because it got near 50, and i was driving doc crazy.
2013, cyd, new


doc and i managed to get along all day. and it's sunday. unheard of. on a sunday. but we did it. and we've been up since 2am. i took a brief nap earlier. he's asleep now. i'm going to lay down soon.

i have some new pictures of the fur babies, but i'm too lazy right now to post them.

i made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. i discovered i don't much like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. i have to find a different recipe. these were supposed to be chewy but they aren't. and i didn't over cook them. i saw nothing remarkable in the recipe that would make them any less chewy than toll house cookies. in fact, there's more butter in toll house cookies, so they are chewier. i don't know, i'll play with that one.

i yoinked a muscle in my sleep. it had to be in my sleep, i don't remember doing it while awake. it's right below my right shoulder blade. it's strange. it doesn't hurt all the time, just when i move certain ways or breathe really deep. maybe i coughed my way into another cracked rib. no, it doesn't hurt enough for that. i must have turned over partly and laid down on it. i don't know. it's bothersome.

i didn't go out into the studio today, so i didn't freeze to death. another week of this weather and it will go back up to 60 again. where it should be.

i've never seen the Blues Bothers from the beginning, this is cool. i'm going to go watch it.