November 30th, 2013

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that infuriating man

B is at it again. doc took the bike over to get the belt changed today. now he won't need repairs for a while, and i for one, am glad. B wants to use our garage as a workshop. two problems with that. we can't run a business out of here, according to our lease, and i refuse. so doc told him it was my space, and doc has to clean up his stuff so i can make it into an art studio. which B argued with. "But it's been a year and she hasn't done anything with it yet." "It's her space to do with what she wants and i won't take that away from her, i need to clean it up for her." "Just tell her you want me to use it." "I won't do that, i can't do that. it's her space" "Grumble grumble argue." and on it went. for a while from what doc said, he didn't go too far into it because he could tell i was getting pissed with the "Just tell her what is up" attitude from B.

i haven't seen the fire pit yet. it's out in the garage, i haven't gone to visit it. it was too cold to pull it out tonight. soon. i can't wait.

doc and i are having a fundamental argument over the xmas tree, i think it needs more ornaments and he thinks it doesn't. i can't tell if he really feels this way or if he is just resistant to my getting more ornaments from my mom. which, by the way, she messaged me back and told me she had plenty of xmas stuff, especially ornaments to pass down to me. doc wants nothing to do with it. for christ's sake, it's been thirteen years since the big blow up. they have lost three children since then. two left them, never to be heard from again, and one died. i think it may have mellowed them. besides, with no one for me to babysit, there is nothing they could want from me. they clearly have more money than i do. doc just needs to calm down and get over it.

i'm not saying don't be cautious around them, they are treacherous and i don't want to hang out with them, but going over to their house for a half an hour in a decade is not asking much. but no, i have to tell them to meet us in a parking lot somewhere because he doesn't want to go over to their house. and so i have to explain his crazy to their crazy and it's not going to meet in the middle, you just know that. i just want the ornaments, dammit! it shouldn't have to be so hard. it's not like i'm asking him to go over for xmas dinner.

Tulip has moved back from the xmas tree to the garbage. the ornaments are fun to bat around, but she has one of her own shiny ornaments to play with, so it's not special anymore. the garbage is always special. there's always something fun in there to play with and possibly lick clean. i don't know why she is so mercenary with people food. she's calm enough with cat food. she eats the dog food. but when it comes to people food, she is evil. she sits and begs with the dog, and reaches up and tries to grab the food from you or the plate. it's good that we are eating at the table now. she is getting dangerous. we've mostly broken her of it, but sometimes she slips up.