November 28th, 2013

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happy happy thursday!!

and happy thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it!

we've been up since around 5 this morning. we watched tv, drank coffee, talked. then made breakfast, which we ate on cam. then we rested for a bit, then played star wars monopoly, again, on cam. then i prepped dinner, on cam. it's been a good day. breakfast went off without a hitch except my mimosa made me feel icky for a few minutes and i didn't finish it.

the quiche will not be pretty, but i'm not serving it at a bloody restaurant and i should just get off my own back about it. i'm having pie maker's remorse. i had an incident with the wrong pan and a droopy pie crust. some of the filling has run out of the crust and out of the springform pan, which is only for professionals, which i clearly am no longer. it will be a mess to clean up, but i don't care, it's gonna taste good. this recipe used a different spice combo than i usually use, so i bravely tried that out. promises to be good. and used entirely heavy cream, instead of 1/2 cream, 1/2 half and half. the recipe review said it was inredibly silky and not at all eggy, so i had to try it. though my quiche isn't usually eggy. i just haven't made it for a long time and i don't have a proper quiche pan (have an extra? i'll pay postage to get it to me!). the pie plate was just too shallow. and the springform pan was disaster no matter how well the pre-baking of the crust had gone.

so in ten minutes i put the beans in, then in 30 i take the quiche out and we clean up the game and crack a beer and the shrimp. once we've gorged on shrimp, the quiche should be cool enough to extract from the pan with little to no catastrophy.

after that, i'm taking a nap. likely on cam, yay! you can see for yourself what the animals do to me when i sleep.

then when i wake up, doc will be gone over to the party and i will put up the decorations. i have all the ones that are here gathered in the living room with the tree in its box.

doc is getting the scooter fixed tomorrow. B found that he had a belt that doc needs. so doc won't have to take the bus to work on monday. and he can go to storage and pick up my xmas stuff!! of course i'm in it for myself. why else would i be interested?

he's having a good day. no arguing or misunderstandings. i'm on my best behavior. and he isn't lost in melancholy and memory and junk thoughts like most years. i'm glad. this is going to be a great holiday season.

i have to make more jewelry. i'm still convinced that my stuff will start to sell on ebay. i'm ready to make more to fill any voids.

he's kicking my ass at monopoly, i have to go see if i can turn the tables in 20 minutes or less.
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thanksgiving type of post

so i'm sitting here, stubborn, not setting up the tree. i don't have an extension cord to plug it in. and until i think of where i used the one i used so i can retrieve it, i'm not setting up the tree. now where did i use that cord?

this day has been bliss. we did everything we planned to do, and got a good game of monopoly in that is still going. i believe it's my turn. he's still kicking my ass. i told him a couple of my secrets and he of course used them against me. he eventually gave in, when i let him sell back a property at full price. we change the rules. such as: no one is allowed to build on "boardwalk" or "park place". that just wipes out your opponents in one move and ruins the game. the point is, to keep playing as long as possible. to that end, we also place all money used to buy property in the center of the board and it goes to who ever lands on "free parking", and whoever gets it splits it however they want with the other person. it's a very friendly game in some respects. in others, it's cutthroat. for example, he just put space ports on all his properties. (hotels, in regular monopoly)

now i have to think of something to do for xmas that tops, or at least equals this. this has been the perfect holiday. our first perfect holiday together. we even talked about celebrating our anniversary this year. 14 years as of 1-3-14. for the first time ever. that's a lot of menus to come up with. i wonder if i dare make a prime rib roast. i could do prime rib with yorkshire pudding and green beans almondine. that would be nice for xmas. and we have enough time to save up for a nice roast. he doesn't like ham, and we don't like turkey. i was going to do fondue, but i don't know if i dare do fondue. i'll think about it. the costs for each would be comparable because i have to special order the fondue.

Lady Gaga and the Muppets is on in 15 minutes. yay! i still haven't thought of where i used that damn cord. hrmph.
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the tree is up!

and it's gorgeous. i had a lot more ornaments than i thought i did. it could still use more. always more. i can still see branches.

thanks to Tulip, only plastic ornaments on the bottom branches. and i gave her one of her own so she stops batting them off the tree. she's in the kitchen playing with it while Major howls at her. strange animals. Chewy has no interest in the tree at all. it's not made of meat or cheese, there's nothing in it for him.

doc came home and dropped off the truck and the corkskrew and got a ride back to the party. he said he'd be home in an hour. i knew that was a lie. an unintentional one . . . i'll be surprised if he makes it home tonight, frankly. i don't expect him back.

the Lady Gaga and the Muppets special was amazing! i loved every minute of it and learned that i do in fact like her new music.

i have three tree toppers and no angel. one is a star and two are spikes of blown glass. one in a blue/gold gradient, and the other in gold, with glitter and jewels on it. i can't figure out which one i want. right now the one with the jewels is up.

picures of the tree can be found at i have an album of november photos going there. i think i may do one for each month. there's also a video from today.

i wonder if we could forgo the xmas feasting and such and volunteer at a veteran's center for the day. doing whatever they need to have done. i'll ask doc about it. i think i could gear myself up for a day of service to others. i just saw a story on a thanksgiving feast at a veteran's retirement home, and i think it would be cool to spend the holiday with service members.

i forgot to make cookies! i can do that tomorrow. i'm done for the night. decorating the tree took much more energy than i thought it would.

i keep thinking doc is coming in the front door, but it's just Tulip fucking with the ornament i gave her in the entry way.

the Michael Bolton Honda commercials make me feel violent. if i go on a killing spree, tell them it was the Bolton ads.