November 25th, 2013

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yay. it's monday.

in a stunning switch of attitude, doc has said i can put up the xmas tree whenever i want!!!! and he's stopped growling about the constant xmas music. he was actually humming some at the launderette yesterday.

speaking of that, i have all my clothes back. i threw them all into bags and put them in the garage after i saw a bug on a pair of pants. they've all been washed and dried and folded. i just need a place to put them. and i don't feel the bedroom i safe. i'm going to have to eat it and use that room again. and i don't want to. i dwell on things, and i am definitely dwelling on the "what if this hadn't happened?" part of things. i'm never being nice to a stranger again. and if that means i don't make another friend for the rest of my life, i'm fine with that. the friends i've made in the past three years have been a bust. B and psychocunt. great. i came out well on the other end of that.

and doc wants me to blame him because he brought her here, but i can't. she's the one that knew she had bugs, she's the one that escalated the situation at B's so she ended up getting arrested and homeless. i blame her. completely. speaking of which, her facebook is STILL deleted after that nasty remark i made. fuckin' coward. she keeps trying to call me. i don't know what in the world makes her think i will pick up the phone. i have nothing to say to her. and nothing i want to hear, but that she has a batch of money for doc. and she can email that information. doesn't need to call for that.

i've been up since 3, i think i am going back to couch.
2013, cyd, new

fuckity fuck a duck

i'm newly inn love with my cable company. on saturday, BBC America kept switching off, "temporarily unavailable" . . . this has been happening a lot on channels i love. but to happen during the 50th, not acceptable. so i sent off a tweet saying "Cox FAIL" and they wrote me back. the problem got fixed and i sent a praise tweet. and a Whovian wrote me back! it was great!

now i have to figure out what to do with all the clean, folded laundry so i have a place to put the tree. i don't know when i'm going to put it up. if i'm going to do it tonight, or wait for the boxes from storage. we didn't go sunday because doc saw a cop and got spooked, turned out he was right to have, our insurance had expired. that could have been icky. when i do put up the tree, i'll make a brief announcement and set the cam up. i just don't know when that is going to be. doc said i could do it whenever i wanted, and while i am anxious to surround myself with the trappings, i don't want to do it too soon and make him uncomfortable.

my bad tooth finally broke off above the gum line. no more pain. one more missing tooth. *sigh* i really wish i knew why my teeth are so bad. i guess that's just my genetics. i hit the lottery with those breeders. dry skin, frizzy hair and bad teeth. i've done well for myself, considering.

i slept on both couches. this is important because i have 12 new bites on my left arm. and i don't know which couch did it to me. both got sprayed yesterday. we alcoholled them and then sprayed the house with toxic stuff after putting the animals away. but i still got bit. fuckity fuck fuck. and how do they get to me all wrapped up in blankets? it creeps me out because i sleep with my arms up by my face.

stupid B is stupid coming over to fix stupid doc's stupid scooter. doc actually tried to find another mechanic. wasn't that sweet? but no one could get to him before the holiday. B of course has nothing but free time, so it is happening today. i guess i'll go into my room and read. i really don't want to see him. he'll want to hug me (ick!) and that will be the start of it. drat. i'll take the laptop in my room. that way he can't touch it. the spacebar started to work after the laptop had some start-up and shut down issues after he touched it. he put a hex on it. i'm sure of it. now it's fine. and i want it to stay that way.

i got rid of the stupid spyware i got on my laptop. i keep forgetting that now there are add-ons to firefox and they hide there. i finally thought to check the add ons, or maybe doc told me to, whatever, i found the bugger and got rid of it. no more highlighted words in articles, no more pop-ups on my starting page. i hate that. i always feel so violated.