November 21st, 2013

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i am so awake

and if i weren't, it would be a bad thing. Tulip has gone nutso tonight. having a kitten around is a special kind of challenge. i'm used to animals that know what "no" means. Tulip seems blissfully unaware of "no" and its inherent meaning. and she is into Everything this evening. Felix and Vader aren't helping. Felix has decided to kill her and Vader keeps egging her on. so Felix chases her into the kitchen, then loses interest, she tries and fails, to open all the cabinets, slamming the doors. Vader attacks her and jumps into a cabinet. she tries to get him out, then Felix pounces on her. if i could get it on video . . . words don't do it justice. they just don't.

kel and i are going to have matching xmas trees. i called her today and said, "guess what color my new xmas tree is," and she said, "oh, i don't know . . . PURPLE?" (which IS my favorite color) nope. she guessed a few more colors and ended up on green after missing black. i told her and she was dully impressed. as well she should have been. turns out that her downstairs xmas tree died last year and she was in need of a new one. so i posted the link to the evil walmart on my facebook page, if you have $39 and a desire for a black tree. she told me if she had known i was getting a black tree, she would have gotten me a whole lot more halloween stuff. but i have enough.

in the box of treasures i had in the garage was a brass sled filled with holly and bells. that is up on the speaker next to the indian floor candles. the sticks are brass and the candles themselves are red and green so it is a festive corner. i also found a big holly wreath made of plastic holly that i can hang on the security gate. there was also a large popcorn tin with snowmen all over it. it is now the wastebasket in the living room. doc muttered under his breath while i set these two things up. " . . . not even thanksgiving yet . . . doesn't even snow here . . ." and on like that. just wait until he comes home from work on Dec. 5th. heh. the tree won't be here until the 4th. so i will set up the rest of my decorations on thanksgiving and get the ornaments ready. that reminds me we have to go to storage and get the last two of the xmas boxes out.

i'm almost ready for the holidays on ebay. just a couple more listings to go. i get bored with the online form and my eyes cross easily, so i can't list a lot of things at once. i end up fucking up the form. i really hope some of my jewelry sells for the holidays. especially the gay pride stuff. if i can sell out of that stuff, i will know i have a winner with the beads i picked and will feel more confident taking samples to the Gay bookshop to sell on consignment. i think my pride stuff is brilliant, and i won't even wear my other pride stuff, the commercial stuff. all metal, just colored metal. my stuff is different because it is beaded. so it's got more texture and personality. for the LGBT individual who wants to remain individual with one-of-a-kind designs. i sound like a fucking commercial.

ooh, creepy. Felix just slowly, so soundlessly, opened the hallway closet door. he scared the fuck out of me. i've about had it with these cats tonight. Felix can go outside, he's just causing trouble. let him go beat up Other Black Cat for what he did to Evie yesterday. oh? i've not told you the tale of the Other Black Cat? well . . .

there is a black cat on the street behind us. it is always outside. we've mistaken it for Jack countless times. but we didn't think he engaged at all with our cats. but lately, when i've been outside, i've heard Evie fighting someone in the vicinity of OBC's house, and she has been coming home beat up. (oh joy, Tulip just brought me an earring) then, the other day, doc and i were standing at the sliding glass door, looking out on the romping cats, when we both kind of did a double take, and looked around and did a head count and said, "that is not our black cat", and thus OBC came to be in our yard. he saw us looking at him through the glass, and took off. we've seen him a couple of times since. Evie is Pissed about him coming over here and has made it her mission to die by his paws. i say that because her fighting him just results in her getting injured. she apparently isn't a fighter.

i shut the hallway closet door, and fool that i am, didn't look inside the closet (who looks into dark closets?). i shut the door on Felix and Tulip. then i came back and sat down and started writing and they started fighting and it sounded like there were 5 cats in the closet and i don't know that the vacuum cleaner will ever recover from the trauma of what went on in there for 90 seconds. that's when i let them out and Tulip found me an earring. last night she brought me a soaked, shredded sponge that apparently looked at her funny. the shreds were all over the kitchen floor, and i mean all over. and we have a big kitchen. at least she brings these things to me, eventually. so i can take care of them. i don't know where she was that she found the earring. i thought i had all my jewelry put away.

okay, i'm tired now. i think i'll turn off all the lights and the TV and put on some xmas music and go to sleep. that sounds like a capital plan. i don't know why i didn't think of it sooner. =}

good night!
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it's a new game show

what's up with the CAM, cyd?

well, i'll tell you. one or more of our cats has been doing naughty things in doc's room and i am using the cam to spy on the area and see if i can't figure it out. i'm saving the images, so, you know, if you see a cat squatting, email me at and i'll send you an autographed CD of all my existing spoken word if i catch and identify the bugger, you can even right click and save the image of it and send it to me.

thanks, friends.
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time to go watch the sunrise

i woke up five times over three hours. i don't see me getting into a 6-8 hour routine any time soon.

Le Cordon Bleu is being cagey about getting me information. they want to talk on the phone, and aren't shy about telling me that. over and over again. i don't like that, but i found with all the cooking schools in the area they are the only ones that offer more than a Certificate in Pastry. i figure the more comprehensive the program, the better off i'll be to compete in this city. i'm in the perfect place for this. this is right. i'm going to make that call.

so i turned my cam into the slowest moving reality show in history. i should write a press release. we've got to find out who is peeing in there so we can address the problem, in case it's more than just a territory thing. if someone needs to go to the vet, we need to know that. the cam is the perfect opportunity. and it's no problem to make CDs up with nice labels and such, thanks to the Tech Fairy. so we'll see if anyone is actually bored enough to catch a feline copping a squat. i should offer an unautographed CD, it might be more popular. heh. some day i'll be dead and someone will be interested! i am making sure i crush that.

14 years of journals now. 14 years lived online. ack! i'd better get working on having something to show for it! i had better get my ass to school.

actually, i DO have something to show for it. a CDs worth of recorded material, two books published and one chapbook. and enough photos to make a nice photobook, if there was a demand for such a thing. and the videos. can't forget the videos. i should make another one today. i'm trying to be awake more, which is hard with doc on the computer all day. i get bored and lay down. i wake up and he is still on the computer, i stay down. actually, yesterday was bad because it was wednesday and all of his shows come out on tuesday. i watched Dr. Who all day.

time to go watch the sun rise. have a nice day.
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OWN the holidays

doc and i have this plan. well, really i have this plan and doc is going along with it because, well, i can't be stopped. i want to throw off the traditions of holidays past and create our own holidays. whether what we do this year becomes tradition or, much more likely, we change it every year.

so in the spirit of that: instead of having blueberry muffins and bacon for breakfast while i watch the parade on TV, i will be having cinnamon rolls and sausages. there. that's another tradition firmly laid to waste.

now, as for the thanksgiving night decorating. that is a tradition and in the spirit of things, i'd like to break it. so here's what i'm gonna do. i'm going to put decorations up as i find them/receive them (like the tree, which won't be here until the 3rd). then, when the tree comes i will do that whole setup thing on cam overnight while doc is at work.

until then, it is the Cam World's favorite Game Show - The Cat Piss Cam. spot a cat and help me identify it as it transgresses against my new carpet and win a Spoken Word CD. my spoken word, not Rollins or Biafra. come on, now.