November 13th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

"could you just stop breathing?"

i can't listen to music because apparently i breathe too loudly when i have my headphones on. yes, doc is sleeping on the couch. the bed room is still airing out.

we were watching a story on the typhoon and realized that if doc had been able to go on the vacation he planned, he would be right on the edge of that mess. a disguised blessing? i think so.

the space bar seems to have worked itself out on its own. it is no longer being wonky. and the computer itself is no longer being strange. it was just weird that after i let B use it, it was all fuckered for a day. i'm glad it's better now.

there is no place safe of bugs. i have found the least buggy places are the big couch, no sightings so far, we just get bit when we sleep on it. same thing with the little camp i set up on the floor. no sightings, but i can't sleep without getting bit. as long as i don't see the fuckers, i'm okay. it's once i see them that i get all skeeved out. we're running out of bedding. time to go back to the laundrette and run our stuff through the dryer.

i'm so tired. i didn't take my evening nap. i slept for like, 15 minutes or so, through the end of NCIS. then i turned on music until doc woke up from my heavy breathing and insisted i stop. this was after i turned the TV all the way down for him. so i started writing and the clicking of the keyboard kept him up. so i eventually just sat here petting the dog and a cat. for an hour. i can't wait until he is gone so i can go to sleep. on the couch. i only sleep on the floor when he is home so he can have the couch.

we took all the furniture out from against the wall in my bedroom and doc sprayed with indoor bedbug stuff. tomorrow when i get up i will go in and vacuum and alcohol the mattress. then it should be safe in there for doc to sleep tomorrow night. then we treat the living room. then back to the front bedrooms. we will get the better of them. i swear.
2013, cyd, new

i know it's early but

i don't care. i'm listening to my xmas music. it's cool this morning, and the sky is cloudy and it just seems right.

when i get paid we are ordering the tree. it's pre-lit and 6.5 feet tall. it's going to look so good in front of the patio doors.

then, at my suggestion, well, my insistence, we are reclaiming the holidays! we are having a dinner feast of quiche lorraine and roast chicken. then, after dinner, we are putting up the tree and decorations. then, on black friday we are going to Lowe's to get the fire pit we want, half off. that night we will have a nice fire outside in the pit and sit and drink expensive champagne we got from the family.

i expect to entertain the boys at some point through this. they are coming home for the holiday. i'm hoping they make time for doc. we'll give S the plates for the truck. so sad to see those go. they were personalized. though it isn't possible that i would lose the truck in a parking lot without them.

for christmas we're doing fondue. doc preferred that to greek fest. he said that was more and easter thing. true. so i'll be searching online for my fondue, and i guess i'll make the chocolate fondue from scratch. and either make or buy an angel food cake for the chocolate fondue. i'll have no part of fruit. i already know what i'm getting doc for xmas, a compost bin for his newest obsession. please understand how little waste we have. we recycle compulsively. our trash is picked up twice a week. we have a can out maybe once every two weeks. usually on recycling day, which is once every two weeks. and our recycle bins are always full to overflowing. we even have extras. the compost bin was just a natural progression of his depression era/hippie thinking.

so i'm really excited about the holidays this year. i don't know what i want for xmas. just to have a happy xmas, i guess. maybe a trip to Ethel M's for the cactus lights. i'd like to make that a tradition as long as we stay in vegas. i know we have to leave at some point, and i want to start soaking the place up while i still can.

the big wound on her belly isn't slowing Tulip down any. yes, i said Tulip. i have acquiesced and given up on Leia or any derivative thereof. the shelter registered her with Home Safe as Tulip, therefore that is the cat's name. doc just smiled triumphantly. he always wanted that name. i fought against it. his cat, his silly name. he certainly didn't agree with the name Simon. though, now it's hard to imagine him with another name.

ack, the taste in my mouth! some mornings it's bad, no matter how much mouthwash i use. the meds give me cotton mouth, granted. that's why i always have water with me, i Always need it. but the meds also make things taste like metal. usually my over-sweetened coffee can break through that temporarily, but it's not doing that today. maybe i'm not drinking enough coffee. it really is like sucking on pennies.

i've decided to start studying middle eastern history and culture. i am completely ignorant about that part of the world, with the exception of the evils of Islam. which i know can't be all evil. that's just US culture sneaking into my consciousness. and clearly my "fan" base is seated smack dab in the middle of east. so i really can't afford to be ignorant. doc is of no help to me here. he is asia. i am europe. we are america. maybe the cats are middle east, but they aren't talking.