November 5th, 2013

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okay, it's after 4:30. i managed to get a half an hour's sleep around 10 but ended up having a vivid dream about my mom. awkward. i hate that woman, even in my dreams when she looks like Sandra Bernhard. i wish she had money so i could get her to pay for my teeth, since she's the one that didn't feel i needed to go to the dentist growing up. but no, she has to be poor white trash. stupid woman.

i feel disconnected. from everything except my glasses, which i can't get clean; and doc, to whom i cling.

this night hasn't been as long as i thought it would be. i played around with the logo to my site. no big deal, a picture from this weekend and a new font. i have too many fonts. too many choices. it takes me forever to update these things because of that. i always have a picture in mind, but never a font.

okay, all my thoughts are stupid and random and i'm not going to indulge them anymore.

have a nice morning.