October 29th, 2013

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i managed to be nice all day!

Evie has been growling for a solid 43 minutes now. i'm kind of getting used to the noise, like the ringing in my ears. i can't get her to stop. sometimes Simon joins in, i think he's bored, but she has been going . . . at everything, at nothing. it doesn't matter. she wants to go out. she is peeing on things. i hate halloween now. keeping black cats in is hell. now Major won't shut up. i swear, it will be a miracle if dawn arrives without cat quiche.

they've all had to stay in today because of the dust and the wind. the dust will get up their sensitive noses and cause all manner of problems that only vets can fix. learned that lesson. these fall storms happen every year. i just can't believe we're there yet. it seems like monsoon season just ended.

my hair is driving me crazy. i need a hair cut. the ends are split and damaged and it has to be straightened every time i wash it or i look like southern white trash, especially now that my roots are coming in nicely. i'm in a shave it all off kind of mood. but i won't. i'm going for longer hair than i have ever had before. it just needs a trim. in a couple of weeks, end of november at the latest, i'll be able to get a hair cut.

i decided to put my practicality in front of my politics and make a walmart wish list, so i can find the things i want, not so anyone else can buy them for me. i found sheets and an xmas tree and lights, and such. but they have a space on the form that says "Date" . . . on a wishlist. okay, fine, i'll make up a date, whatever. enter date. "Error: Incorrect Format" enter date in another format. "Error: Incorrect Format" try it again . . . well . . . "Error: Incorrect Format". fuck it. i'll go to target. what the hell? every time doc shops there, he has to deal with some ignorant mother fucker in a smock giving him attitude. so we decide to shop online and not even support their point of sale warehouse stores. and that is made difficult with stupid coding and vague instructions. no hint as to a format. nothing. just a blank space. and you MUST fill it in in order to go on. it's not optional.

doc just called in late to work, using FMLA time, and as he did, i didn't realize it and was freaking out at the cat. well timed. "rarr . . ." "yeah, i'm going to need 4 hours FMLA time" "oops". Evie is getting on my last nerve. she is exhibiting every bad behavior she possibly can. i may let her out into the garage. yeah, doc is going to take her out into the garage. maybe she can run around and climb on things out there for a while and be happy. i hate to see her like this, while balancing that she is driving me nuts. i have to think about what she is going through. i totally fucked up her schedule. the past few days she has been allowed out with one of us, but not today. and not tomorrow or the next day, either. she's going to have to stay inside.

and for some reason, she and Simon have been ganging up on Bagira. and i don't know why. Baggy doesn't bother anyone. he doesn't vie for attention, he's just kind of a piece of furry furniture that comes to you once a week for snuggles and pets. like a friendly ottoman.

oay, time to go play with doc. he's up and home for a few hours and i'm in a good mood.

by the way, i managed to be nice all day!
2013, cyd, new

The Subject is Empty: do you really want to post

what is the cure for a really bad morning? besides afternoon. maybe i should go back to bed now that doc's asleep. he accidentally woke me up and i am murderous. i shouldn't be. i just am not at all good with my sleep being disturbed. and he somehow disturbed it. now he's asleep. i should be, too. i'll wait until he's really under, then turn his movie back to my talking heads on TV and lay back down.

half of my beading order got here yesterday and the rest will be here tomorrow. i'm so excited, i can't wait to get out my supplies and go to work on what i got. make some new pieces, some wooden pieces. i got a bunch of painted wooden beads. i couldn't resist the colors. i won't wear them, the colors, that is. but i will work with them happily.

and i got this heavy looking chain that is really light. i'm making Leia Teenie's collar out of it. i'm going to attach her tags to it and everything. and i have more links for when she grows out of it and i need to make it larger. she's such a slight and frail thing. this will make her look a little tougher and maybe Evie will stop picking on her.

i just have to face that Evie will be a problem child until she can go out unescorted next week.

i'm a little buzzed and not as mean . . . now i just want doc to be up. which is good. because before i wanted him out of the house. i was really pissed about being woken up.

i'm still in a mood . . . yesterday doc asked if my whole episode the other day wasn't PMS related. and he was right. he's allowed to ask that. i gave him permission years ago because i knew he would never just say it out of snarkiness. and he never has. any time he's ever asked, he has been concerned and, i might add, right. he knows me much better than i do.

and that's it, isn't it? someone who knows you better than you do. someone who cares to know you that well. that's what we all want.

B and J are having serious issues, they've taken the drama online to facebook. they say that without an audience, there can be no drama, and i guess they aren't paying enough attention to each other's mess, so they've decided to take it on the road and air out their differences in the court of . . . oh please. as if i need another reason not to let their poison anywhere near me.

doc tried to tell him that i'm doing really well alone. that didn't seem to matter. doc then tried pointing out that this was "our" house not just doc's house, we both paid for it, so i had a say in what was done. this didn't seem to sit well with B, who just didn't get the concept.

there's a kitten playing with my headphone cord. i'm gonna get her. tickle her until she purrs. i'm afraid i'm going to break her, she is so slight. i'm used to my big, beefy beasties. and Chewy, weighing in at 150lbs. with the approximate density of Jupiter. we should rename him Jupiter. but he's really too stupid to get a new name. he would never learn. his grip on "Chewy" is tentative at best, he comes when i call the cats. he comes when i call doc. he comes when i call kelli, and i have to do that on a phone. not the brightest of the canines.

okay, an hour an a half into this being awake thing and i'm getting the hang of it. he's properly fucked up my morning by not going to work. i can't vacuum now. because, allergy boy. he's just here. and i woke up to Air Force One, and though i love that movie, it has been our weekend go-to movie when nothing else is on, because there is always a channel playing it on the weekends. so it is a weekend movie, and this is not the weekend.

i just thought of something, i have a walmart related question and i know someone who works for walmart. i can just ask on her fb wall. and hope she doesn't mind. i want to put an xmas tree on layaway, but i don't know if i can. that way, we can get a nice 6' tree this year that fits the house. the one i want is pre-lit and $50. so layaway would be perfect. get it before they sell out. but i have questions, do they have the trees in the stores yet for me to do it? is it allowed? maybe i am better off ordering the tree from the website and just saving my pennies for it.

but we're going to have a nice tree this year. i'm going to decorate the snot out of the house. i've found all my boxes now, and it is time. and the decorations are going up thanksgiving night the way they always did when i was growing up.

we've made no plans for thanksgiving, but i am thinking about cooking. i wanted to make a nice quiche. and i suppose we could have a roast chicken with it. or i could go traditional (in my family) with Garlic Stuffed Prime Rib Roast and buttered veg with Yorkshire Pudding. always make an extra big pan of Pudding so there's enough to use for sandwiches later. i'm getting happy and teary just thinking about it. having a nice meal sitting at our table. that could be cool.

i see no point in making a roast turkey because neither of us like it. i'm into spiral ham, but there's no point getting one for two people. they need to make smaller pigs. so i'm always looking for a thanksgiving feast idea. mostly i stick to the traditional breakfast, blueberry muffins and bacon. very healthy. then usually by the evening it is whatever we can find in the cupboards.

i can't believe the holidays are coming. i'm not going to be conflicted about it this year. i'm going to accept that doc doesn't like the holidays and i do and just roll with it. other years i get wrapped up in denying it and get miserable and it just isn't worth it. this year i am going to roll around in holiday joy. i'm going to heat pans of vanilla water in the oven to make the house smell good and make apple cider from scratch and make cookies with no THC in them.

the holidays are when i really get to bake. then i get to make pies and cakes and sugar cookies, i'm not limited to things with chocolate in it to mask the hemp taste. i'm not baking a single chocolate chip cookie this holiday season. i'm going to make snickerdoodles and butter cookies and maybe some shortbread or biscotti. i've never made shortbread (at least in my adult life) and it has been a long time since i made biscotti.

oh! i know what we can do for thanksgiving dinner! a fondue party! i have two copper fondue sets and we got fondue forks (someone always steals mine) at the thrift store over the summer. we could have swiss fondue for dinner with meats and veg and then chocolate fondue for dessert with cookies and fruit. doc can eat the fruit. i'll make an angel food cake for myself to dip. can't stand fruit. sour, acrid stuff. burns my mouth. all of it. it stings. and it makes my tongue curdle. pretty much my issue with veg, but veg i usually manage to keep in my mouth long enough to deal with the awful texture.

yeah, a fondue party. i will start looking for fondue recipes. there is a store in PA that sell ready made fondue in a packet that is really good, despite my unappealing description. i wonder if i could order it online. i could probably make a much better fondue myself. and i could control what goes into it. fontina and swiss, i think.

and super dark dutch chocolate for the chocolate fondue. i will definitely get the chocolate online from a candy supply place that has more than just your average dark and milk chocolate choices.

then for xmas, i think we'll go a greek theme. humus, baba ganouj, sutffed grape leaves. i see i'm spending all my spare money on food this holiday. i can get the grape leaves online, no problem, they come in a tin. already stuffed. i'll make a big spanikopita.

it's looking like it will be just us for the holidays. no one else around. i love it. just us and the cats.

speaking of cats, i need to call the animal hospital about Leia Teenie. make an appointment to get her spayed and finalize the adoption. i want her all to myself! well, all to docself because she is his cat.

i've been rambling for some 1500 words and i'll bet i haven't said a damn thing. i have to go back and read this. i do that now. read the entries before hitting post. most of the time. it doesn't cut down on spelling and grammatical errors, but it gives me a clue whats going on when you comment.