October 21st, 2013

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wading into Obamacare

here i go, checking my coverage options under the ACA. healthcare.gov is working, asks me a couple of questions, oh, there is an exchange open in Nevada, guess i live in a Lucky State. go to the nevadahealthlink.com site. search for a plan. answer a couple of questions, oh, my lack of income makes me eligible for something. assistance, i suppose. i have medicare, it doesn't cover dick. my meds would be $1300 a month if i just had medicare. and medicare doesn't have dental. waiting for a confirmation email from nevadahealthlink.com. i guess i won the ACA lottery and don't have to deal with the healthcare.gov site at all anymore.

i wonder if they are taking all the hits to the exchanges and all the sign-ups through those into account into the numbers being demanded. it would be pretty dishonest if they weren't.

okay, verification email received, account set up. now they have to confirm my identity. i have to enter my SS# for this, hmmm. oh well, i'm sure i'll have to do it somewhere down the line and it's worthless for credit. identity confirmed. now onto the checking eligibility for govt. assisted programs, which i qualify for, as i make less than $9200 a year on SSI. wow, they may have to get my records from Homeland Security. lucky i don't have any there. how weird.

okay, i answered a question wrong, apparently because i am on SSI, i have no income, it doesn't count. i have come to a place where i cannot answer any more questions and have to go back to the beginning. this is inconvenient, but not unexpected. they are very particular, as well they should be.

so i guess, since i will go through the exchange, i can't give you my opinion on the ACA website performance. so i suggest you try it yourself. and stop whining, ten years ago this all would have been done on paper through snail mail.
2013, cyd, new

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