October 18th, 2013

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left wanting ambition

i haven't had any weird crying jags for two days! okay, maybe one day. but yesterday was unnecessary tear free. maybe i'm getting used to my meds?

i learned last night, if you poke a former GOP politician with a hateful mouth, you get called a man repeatedly by his followers. i am confused by this lesson. was this meant to hurt me? i'm unclear on the whole dynamic behind it. i tell you i hope you're violently sodomized and your followers call me a man. maybe they assumed i planned to do the sodomizing. that must be it. otherwise, it just makes no sense, and people that stupid couldn't run our country, right? RIGHT?!?! tell me about the rabbits . . .

someone send me some motivation, please. i am suck. i need to vacuum and clean the kitchen and i just . . . i've been pretending to sleep for the past two hours. i couldn't sleep, as i've currently had enough, but i shut my eyes and held real still. cuddled with simon and the dog. good times.

oh god it's the weekend. can doc and i be near each other without wanting to kill one another? i'm sure we can. he doesn't know it but today i'm sending him to Fry's to get the keyboard and mouse for the other laptop. he was supposed to go yesterday but he blew it off. i'm not letting him do that again today. if there is a possibility i can get the other cam back up, i'm doing it, baby!

Evie got out yesterday and came home an hour later with a gash on her neck. we cleaned it up, over her protests. it's not bad or deep, but it did bleed a lot and scare doc. now she's in. she's less unhappy about it than she was before she got hurt, but still bitchy.

Leia took her tiny life into her hands and slept in my bed last night. i kept waking up terrified i would roll over on her. she's so little and she sleeps so deeply. i coughed on her a few minutes ago, accidentally, and she ran under the comfy chair. she's been there ever since. i can hear her meowing when other cats walk by the chair.
2013, cyd, new

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