October 14th, 2013

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this crying business has GOT to stop

i swear to Dog. i am losing my mind. if it makes me happy, i cry. if it makes me sad, i cry. if it triggers a memory, get the fucking ark ready. music is a literal mine field of emotions and tears. i am telling you, i am dehydrated from crying. if i'm awake and i'm present in my body, i'm likely crying. ack!

maybe listening to Pink this early in the morning was a mistake. i'm tired of the 609 songs on my playlist. only problem, it encompasses the whole of my comfort music. ack! so i'm delving into records, past the singles, since i have to download entire CDs now instead of one song. i have all this music i haven't listened to.

short break to dry off Leia. she fell into the tub, that doc for some reason left full. laughing even makes me cry. lord!

confession time: we have bed bugs. i'm devastated. i have to take apart my bed and spray it with some toxic chemical today after i corral the cats into doc's bedroom. where there is no bed, and no bugs. i'm not happy about this at all. who would be? stupid psycho slut brought them over from where she had been living. these mothers are big, too. i didn't think they were bed bugs at first, because they were so big, but there's nothing else it could be. chewy has been eating the buggers every time he finds one. it took us so long to discover this because most of my sheets are dark and we don't use the bed much. doc does, but in the complete dark and he wasn't getting bit. i was. now one of the couches has them too. ack!

that is the word of the day, ack!

now leia is curled up with a rather put out Major, both of them are drying her off. who knew it would take a kitten to unify these guys? she's such an unbiased searcher of love. she'll cuddle up to anything that will stand still long enough. lelu even gives leia her food. lelu doesn't give her food to anyone, until now. and now Leia is jumping around chasing anything she can and jumping on all the furniture. i think she's feeling better.
2013, cyd, new

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