October 6th, 2013

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see who joins me in bed

i used my ebay money to get Chewy a sweater. this morning for his walk, he didn't have one so i took a sweater off a teddy bear and put him in it. doc said he'd have to take an open beer and loaded gun with him on the walk to overcome the "gay" of the dog. i told him to get over it, or i'd buy a pink sweater to go with the hot pink leash doc got him. he got over it and took the dog out. i think Chewy liked having a sweater on because he bit me when i tried to take it off. i finally got it off of him. then i went on ebay and found a sweater for him with a Union Jack on it. that should be here in a couple of weeks. by the time it gets cold enough to need it every day.

Leia is laying on my chest as i type this. i have the laptop on my lap and i'm lounging back against the couch and she is on my chest. she is such a cutie. she was curled up with Chewy, but he moved. seems someone doesn't like being crowded when he's asleep. that's so funny, since he just spent my nap pressed against my stomach. inching further into me until he was behind me.

i'm bored. i think i'll sleep more.

doc is asleep, so i can't make any noise. i have no desire to work on the computer right now.

oh, computer1 not dead, just very very tired. i started it up this morning and it worked fine. i have it on now and i think i'll put the cam in my room while i sleep, see who joins me in bed.
2013, cyd, new

i've got the "jimmy legs"

i'm going to make myself a rug. a latch hook rug. whilst going through the garage, i found a big box of pre-cut yarn in assorted colors and a big piece of latch hook canvas. so i'm going to use it all up making myself an abstract rug.

in fact, i found everything i've been missing, except my photos. now i'm thinking i must have packed them in with my toys and that is why i can't find them. my toys and my books are the only things i haven't unpacked at this point. tomorrow i guess i'll fix that. i have to clean out my dresser, so i can put the clothes stacked on it in it. i have more clothes than i have room for, but that's why i have a big closet. they are all clothes i wear. i've gotten rid of the ones i don't wear. what's in my dresser gets packed away. it's all fat clothes, and i may need those again. i hope not, but i'm keeping them around, just in case. fat runs in my family. fat and insanity.

i made a FAQ page for my site, which is a cosmic joke, because no one has ever asked me ANY questions. so i wrote down the answers to questions i would have. i guess i should add details of T-Shirt Tuesday to the faq. i'm determined to make that a thing. i just need one t-shirt to start with. i may use my Double Down Saloon t-shirt. then i can post the website and address and twitter handle. give people a taste of what it is about. i'm all about the free stuff. back during the FAKEradio days, i got a bunch of people to send me their CDs to play on the internet. people want publicity.

okay, added to the FAQ and posted on facebook.

jaysus, it's almost ten. doc's new schedule starts for real tonight. i have to get him up an hour earlier than usual. and he gets home an hour earlier! yay! his company has the most fucked up scheduling i've ever seen, but he got the shift he wanted. and he went to bed an hour earlier today than usual.

time passes really quikly when i'm working on my site. i've decided not to do a full on overhaul of it, just change things one at a time until it's all changed. one of the things i'm after is clean code. another i'm after is continuity. which i don't really have. my site is pieced together from my other designs. so the main page, FAQ and cam page match. but that's it. i have to redo my thumbsucking pages to match and my mp3 page. which i have to coordinate with youtube and myspace.com so i don't have the same stuff posted in multiple places. this will also motivate me to record more pieces.

Leia is curled up on the couch with me. for once the couch isn't covered with animals. the dog is on the love seat and all the cats but Leia have disappeared. Bagira decided he wants to be an outside cat again. so we've been letting him out. he needs the exercise. he was a stocky cat when we got him, now he's just fat. Major is getting fat, too. i picked him up today and it was a strain, i had to bend at the legs. i'm glad they enjoy the food. we give them indoor formula so they get their veg with their protein, since only a couple of them go out to eat grass. but there will be much more laser pointer and less sleeping round the house. time to get these guys worked out or i'm going to end up with cats that look like they shop at walmart. the place where fat white trash and skin tight clothes come together. ahh. i don't want that for my cats.

i need to go stretch my legs now, the seroquel i took earlier has given me restless legs and they are killing me slowly.