October 5th, 2013

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saturday morning

we've been up and down since three this morning. doc is asleep right now, i'm taking my turn awake.

i was asleep with my headphones on when Chewy started freaking out. i looked at doc and he indicated the door. see, doc rings the doorbell a certain number of times when he gets home so Chewy and i know it's him. so when the bell rings a different number of times, Chewy loses it. it was my buddy the FedEx guy. i was expecting my hip pack, but it was from the Tech Fairy. a spool of CDs, a spool of DVDs and two color ink cartridges. i'm planning on going nuts today. doc let it out that there is a CD player in the truck. heh.

today i'm going to set up my entertainment center in my room. i have a TV, stereo, VCR and DVD player i haven't hooked up yet because i have no cable in my room. i figure if i hook it up it will make doc hurry up with the cable guy coming out to hook it up. i don't want a box in my room, well, i do, i just don't want the expense. if i can have basic cable in there, i'll only come out to go online.

Leia is eating the bubble wrap from my package. now she is eating the dog's snout. i'm glad they get along. Chewy was the first beastie she met, and it was love at first site. she's now curled up in his warm spot while he does a round around the house. my guard dog. he couldn't do much more than bite the shit out of your shins, but i bet it would hurt.

i've been listening to music for four hours now. i have 40 hours of music queued up. it's so much better than watching the news.

i told doc that i was upset about not going to First Friday last night. that i really wanted to take Chewy and go to the adoption event. he said he had decided we would take the truck downtown to it. then we heard about all the cops. hundreds of them to enforce the curfew. if you're under 18 you're not allowed on Freemont St. on the weekends and the curfew is midnight, i think for under 21. and last night was the first night of it. doc has had two run ins with nazi cops this week. i'm not trying to imply that all cops are nazis. on the contrary, i like cops. but the two doc had to deal with were asshats. one stopped him and R who was following him in his truck to come back here. he ended up letting doc go, who was speeding, and keeping R and his brother behind and doing the full deal on them. questions, get out of your car, can i search it (with no reason other than a hunch about a brown person in a nice truck) and all that jazz. the next day, doc got followed home and then questioned when he got here. what was he doing here, did he live around here (as he was pulled all the way up in the driveway), questions questions.

doc explained as calmly as possible that he was coming home from a night of work to his mentally ill wife that would wig out if she saw a cop questioning him, so could they take this around the corner if the cop had more questions for him. the cop said no, got really cordial and drove off. fucking creep. i understand they have a job to do, but they harass scooter drivers. and assume if you're on a scooter that you don't have or can't drive a car. so when doc pulled into the driveway with two trucks, the cop wondered. maybe doc is trying to save money on gas. huh? stupid cop, ever think of that? at least they weren't Henderson cops, those guys are ALL fascists. it's the Metro cops that are the good guys. if you get them out of the suburbs.

i have to comb my hair. and brush my teeth. and likely straighten my hair. and change my clothes. i think i'll keep these pants on today, they are comfy as all get out. they are the ones that i had packed away during the phase they would have fit me. now they are too big on me and are cut so they don't bind or pinch or anything no matter how you twist and turn. i don't have many pairs of pants like that. and they let me wear a small tshirt because they don't accentuate my muffin top. these things are important when you have no teeth. have to keep everything looking good. even though as soon as you open your mouth, the shade comes down over the eyes and you are suddenly left out of the conversation.

why am i the only person who can't have teeth? there have to be more people who can't afford implants or dentures that don't do meth. why do i feel like the only one? every one has teeth.

time to go play with some CDs and stuff. i'm awake for the time being, i suppose i'll get some stuff done.
2013, cyd, new

well, shit, connundrum

when PsychoCunt lived here, she convinced me to join Plenty of Fish, an online dating situation. today, after months, i got an email from a really cute woman who seems to have a lot in common with me and lives nearby. first date choice? coffee. i am already in love.

connundrum: teeth. my bio makes no mention of my missing teeth and my pictures don't give it away, either. i don't know whether to contact this person and if so, how to address that i am missing my front teeth. fuck me with a bull dozer (i tire of saying "chainsaw" and "pile driver" just didn't seem right).

i got some DVD/CD burning software and burned a copy of Muppet Christmas Carol for Kelli. she didn't ask for it, but i am of the opinion that one cannot go through the holidays right without seeing it. next i'm going to make a really cool label for it. i just have to find a good picture of the Ghost of Christmas Past. that shouldn't be too hard.

doc is out getting me chili from Wendy's. i wanted chili cheese fries the other day and the place he got them from fucked the order all up and gave me bad sour cream to boot. so he asked if he got chili from wendy's and fries, if i could make do. i enthusiastically said, "just get me the chili with some cheese on it," because i love Wendy's chili. and yes, i know how it's made. and i don't care. it tastes good. it is the only thing i will eat green peppers in.

that's another thing about this woman who contacted me, she is a culinary student. i couldn't have built a better potential mate. or potential friend, for that matter.

i'm still waiting for the bloody mail to get here. if my hip pack doesn't get here today, i will cry. i shouldn't. i should be patient. but i want it so much. i should just be happy with the toys i got from the Tech Fairy today. and i have been having fun with them. but . . . hip pack. according to the tracking it should be here monday or tuesday. i must be patient. i am far too into instant gratification.

mmmm . . . good chili. i think i drank it, i ate it so quickly. no fries. i let doc have the fries. i don't like Wendy's fries.

what to do next. i've bathed and lotioned and primped and dressed. made kelli's movie. have to hang laundry. doc's going to the laundrette tomorrow to wash my black clothes that are covered with cat fur and vomit and dry the clothes we hung to soften them. he only dries them for a quarter's worth. so it saves money in the long run. someday i hope we can afford a washer and dryer but this is working for now. i have so many clothes i can never decide what to wear as it is. with all my black clothes back, i will be doubly confused.