September 30th, 2013

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where's doc?

okay, i mis-stated something last night and i want to clarify it because i've just been reminded of it. there IS such a thing as bad poetry. i just don't write it. yes, that is arrogant. no, i don't care.

i got a lot of sleep. 5 straight hours.

i'm thinking of adding some structure to my cam. i want to start this with T-shirt Tuesday. where i wear a t-shirt promoting a band or business and post their contact info on the cam page for the day. in exchange for a free t-shirt. i'm going to put an announcement on my front page and the cam page. and post it on twitter and facebook. i hope it works. i have a double down saloon t-shirt i can start out with. the only band t-shirts i have are from defunct bands. i'd like to advertise local bands, or small bands from around the world. yes, i think i'll do this.

i'm also going to post the link to my wishlist, with the caveat that i'm not trying to be a god, i don' expect tribute. but if you want to be nice and buy me a used bukowski book, more power to you.

i tweaked the front page of added a new logo picture and moved a couple of things around. i also made a new favicon that better reflects the site. i also added a very short intro as to what the site is about. i'm finally happy with it.

we have to have B over this week, maybe today. doc needs to order a new belt for the scooter bike. he's been wanting to come over for a while now and unfortunately, doc and i have been very anti-social lately. we've been pretty much wrapped up in each other and the fur babies. i don't mind him coming over, despite our facebook back and forths. i'm just not in the mood to hang out with anyone.

i entered to win a trip to Disneyland for three days for four people. in the oh so rare event that i win, i think i'll take B and his family with me. they can share a bed at the hotel, and i can have a bed. i don't even consider taking doc. he hates the very idea of it. a trip to Disneyland with doc and Kelli would involve them dropping me at the park and cruising around southern california for the day. i'd rather not go alone. and it would be great to have a kid there with me. a kid that wasn't mine, that i wasn't responsible for. i know the odds of me winning are really low, but it's fun to fantasize about.

why does it take so long for me to tweak a page on my site? i just tweaked the cam page. and it took 45 minutes. yikes. okay. that is done. i can't get into anything else on the laptop because doc will want to watch Breaking Bad when he gets home. i have things set up on the other computer to work on the spread sheet today.

i wonder where doc is? he got off work over an hour ago. and he only had to go to the post office and drop off the ebay packages. hmmm.
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2013, cyd, new

but i like the conspiracy theory, it's my first.

woke up from my nap to find out the monkeys actually shut down the government. they really did it. fucking monsters. "We also want basic fairness for all Americans under Obamacare," says John Boehner. what the fuck does that mean? he won't explain it, he just keeps saying it over and over and won't answer any questions from the press. what the fuck is wrong with these people? how can they be so out of touch? how could he say he didn't want this and then let it happen? isn't he in charge? ack!

doc brought home cheesesteaks for lunch. mmm, nom nom nom. there is a place that makes them like they do in Philly, the right way. we even had some cheese wiz so i got to make it a sloppy cheesey thing. made up for the fact the onion rings were weird. i let doc eat them. they were over cooked, but not burned, like they had been left in a slow oven for a few hours and then deep fried. the onion wasn't recognizable. strange. so, onion rings from Sonic, steaks from the steak place. you'd never know they had the secret to a great cheese steak. they are located inside a gas station, granted, a real swank gas station, but still. people don't look for authentic regional food inside petrol stations. usually.

the Asian markets are up, maybe the world doesn't really care that we're imploding politically. maybe the world has been waiting for this. Congress: The Great American Fuck-up. i wonder how our markets are going to open. though the markets hate uncertainty, and we have certainty here. our government is certainly shut down. gah!

seems i can't talk about it without making an ugly noise. ack! now they are talking about the Debt Ceiling on the news, like things can get any fucking worse. or can they. is Congress just trying to see how much damage they can get away with doing. maybe they don't want the country to succeed at all. maybe they want the US to fail and all of this moralizing is just a line to keep their constituents distracted while they dismantle the country. how do we know? it could be a vast conspiracy, perpetrated by the group first to yell, "Conspiracy!". they are really steering us toward a theocracy by dismantling every secular part of the government they can get a hold of. and no one will notice until it is too late.

or they're just a bunch of fucking out of touch idiots.

but i like the conspiracy theory, it's my first.