September 19th, 2013

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wow, it's thursday already

now that i got my stuff in the mail, the week is going quickly. okay, last night and today are going fast.

i took a bath on cam for the first time in 10 years. eek! i'm afraid to go look through the pictures.

last night, as doc was leaving for work, i hugged him and said, "i love you". i didn't expect anything but a hug back, but he said, "love you too". for the first time in 6 years. i then told him to have a nice 'dight'. no typo, i said 'dight' instead of 'night'. i was so taken aback. i've been on an unreasonable high all night behind that. i can't believe he said it. i can't believe it made me stutter.

i have to look into this government shut down thing. SSI is at risk? this is not happy news. this makes me change my opinion about letting the GOP run amok. they need to be stopped. if they make my rent late, i will kill me some conservatives. take that, NSA.

who keeps giving Rand Paul a microphone? this needs to stop.
2013, cyd, new

help, i'm being held captive by McAfee!

okay, so there are some personalizations left to make on the laptop. no problem. doc objects to the desktop, i think it's cute. it's one of the Windows 7 desktops, i just chose it because it wasn't flowers or some shit. i only like flowers if i take pictures of them.

speaking of flowers, there is this one bush that thrives here, and we need two of them, and they are on sale this week! yeah! they are also plants that chewy will go to the bathroom on. since i'm trying to get him to go potties at home, this would work all around. there are 2 dead bushes in front. i don't really care about them, but in the lease it says we are responsible for the landscaping. we want to replace them with these flower bushes. the name escapes me.

it was chilly this morning! i loved it! we all know i love the summer, that's why i came here, but since i found all my tights and sweaters and boots and leggings i've been longing for fall. of course, this soon after summer, anything below 75 is chilly. but it was so nice. i had to put on pants to go outside and smoke. brilliant! this weekend i'll clean out a drawer for winter stuff and pull to the front of the closet the stuff that goes with the tights. for the first time in a decade, i am excited about what i am going to wear and interested in the way i look. this is a HUGE step for me.

another HUGE step is that i bathe regularly and keep my legs and underarms shaved. and i brush my teeth. all these basic things go out the window when you're psychotic. they don't matter, they just tether you to the earth. that isn't where your brain wants to be. but anyway . . .

i'm having generic (which are better than the brand, IMO) lucky charms for lunch. doc offered me Robertos . . . mmm, taquitos with guacamole and cheese . . . but i declined. if he gets me the cereal, it will cost about the same and last me a whole lot longer. we eat too much junk food. it's too easy, and it really sucks up your money. i'd rather be back at the one pizza per week place we were in the apartment. and with that, i've been cooking for myself more. i made melted extra sharp cheddar on roasted garlic Triscuits this morning, but i got sick. doc is also getting me cola to settle my stomach.

i think we've got all the basics installed. i somehow lost all my fonts, nothing to do with the recovery, i thought i burned them, but i burned the wrong folder, teach me to check my work from now on. so i've spent a lot of time at today collecting new fonts. actually, my taste in fonts has changed. so this is a good thing. and since i had collected all the fonts i had from font freak, so i'm getting them back as i peruse the site. i'm on page D-4 right now. i hope to get through M by tonight when doc goes to work.

i got an error in a DLL file when i installed something last night, and freaked out. all i could find on it on the web were costly programs to fix ALL your problems, god knows what they would do to the computer. so i restarted, tried to open the program, and everything was fine. whatever. everything else installed seamlessly.

*burp* - yeah, i don't feel good in the tummy. i took some tums, but to no avail. i stopped drinking coffee so as not to encourage the oogy stomach. now it's cola and cereal. another reason i didn't want taquitos, i don't know that my stomach could take it. the meat is spicy and the guac is rich.

so i think this hair straightening is going to stick to my routine. i washed my hair today (i only wash it once a week because it is so dry), and conditioned it well, but it still looked like straw when it dried. so i straightened it so i could put healing oils in it more easily. long hair is in for the first time in a long time, and i find my length lacking. when it's straight, it's two inches longer than when it's curly. not physically, of course, but the way it hangs.

okay, then. i just brushed the touch pad and the text got tiny. i think i'm going to close this out before my eyes start to bleed. i have no idea how to undo this. so i'll just close the program and hope for the best.
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font frustration

so all the files i downloaded of fonts had all this shareware with it. the installation was complicated and long and if you decline the crap, you can't have the font. fuck that. so i'll get my fonts somewhere else. i know there were other sites i used to use. i installed photoshop, so of course i want fonts to play with.

how many times can i say and type 'font' in one day?

doc is on the loveseat, snoring. i guess he was tired, i was just talking to him.

i got my cereal. and then, when i felt better, i made ham and baby swiss crescent rolls. i had a couple (what? they're small), and made a couple for doc and a couple for R. now my stomach feels better. much better. after a rousing round of belches. i'm much better now.

i'm tired again. i'll stay up and look for fonts (there's that word again!). i have to take the dog for a walk, after R comes over. yeah, and i have to wait up for R. i'll sleep later this evening.

i'm collecting all the seasons of Burn Notice. i already have 5,6, and 7. i've discovered there are some that i've missed. a-ha! something to watch. i've also downloaded a number of "cult" films. Liquid Sky, Sid and Nancy, Breaking Glass, Repo Man, Brazil . . . that type of thing. so i have those to watch. funny, three of those, i have the soundrack to. that reminds me i just got the soundtrack to Run Lola Run. i should listen to that. . . softly.

later . . .

oops, minimized the window and forgot i was writing in here.

i took a three hour nap. after i listened to Run Lola Run.

i've been up for an hour and a half and i'm just now getting my head together. see why doc can't be home in the mornings? i can't even stand the animals when i first wake up. and of course they all go through their "yay, mommy's up" dances and cuddles and stuff. so as i get my coffee my feet are surrounded by a fog of moving fur. as persistent as the caterpillar's hookah smoke.

damn, i nearly got poetic there. ack! i wasn't even trying, i swear.

i think doc and i have worked out the eating conversation. i told him i get defensive because every time he brings it up, he's immediately, "talking to a child", and it drives me round the bend. so i don't think we'll be having any more arguments about it. i think we will have discussions about it from here on out.

we've been hashing out a lot of misunderstandings lately. it feels good. it makes things around here much more pleasant. i have to say, and i'm writing it down to document it, but i'm pretty happy with my life right now. (i typed "happy with my lie" at first, i wonder what Freud would say about that?)

the dog is next to me, panting. he just had a mini freak out and chased Bagira around the house for a while, went out and peed and came back in and chased Vader and shook the shit out of his stuffed mousie. i have tried to take that mousie away from him. i bought him a felt ball (the mousie is made out of felt), in the hopes he would leave mousie alone. it was Simon's only toy. but anywhere i hide it, Chewy finds it and brings it out and plays with it. the only real difference i can tell, is that mousie is infused with catnip and maybe for some reason, Chewy digs catnip. annnnnnnnd . . . now he's passed out. heh. i'm so glad we rescued him. he is the greatest dog. everywhere we take him we get compliments on how well behaved he is for a terrier. we tell the people, we got him that way. he is amazingly the perfect dog for us. he is so rarely bad, and so slightly so when he is bad.

i've started giving him biscuits at cat feeding time. he gets so excited along with the cats, and i feel bad that he doesn't get canned food like the cats. so i give him biscuits and let him lick out the cat food cans. he also gets excited when it time for a walk, of course. he runs around the house like a mad thing and it takes every bit of strictness i can muster (amongst his cuteness) to get him on his butt so i can get his harness on him. now he's growling in his sleep. time to cuddle and console him. no growling, no bad dreams. not for my Chewy.
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oh wow

i'm so excited . . . the Animal Foundation is making a big announcement on their FB page tomorrow. maybe another adoption sale! i will give up a hip pack and boots for a kitten. we have room in our home. one more mouth to feed is no problem. as long as it ISN'T black! i have five of those, and telling them apart is hard enough as it is. i'm thinking a calico or tiger stripe. okay enough. i just got chills when i read the preview announcement. i can't wait until 2 tomorrow!