September 12th, 2013

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good morning

oh christ, it's almost 5am. i've been up 24 hours. but i've been busy.

i sorted and archived over 20,000 images. i sorted my CDs and DVDs and labeled the books they are in. that took several hours. i also did the laundry and vacuumed and made myself something to eat and cleaned out the bottom of my closet and all sorts of stuff. oh yeah, i finally attached the book shelf to the wall and put books on it. three more boxes unpacked and i found books i forgot i had and are on my reading list.

i have way more cam archives than i thought i did. i need to fix the coppermine area of my site and load up on images. get them posted. they aren't doing any good on my computer. they should be seen. i will, when i wake up, craft a carefully email of pleading to Cryo to ask for his help fixing it. it isn't an official help desk thing, so i'm hoping he has a bit of free time to help me out. then i can update my site.

tomorrow i order my new headphones: doc found them for me online. they have all the features i want. including in-line volume control. they are only $10. and postage is reasonable. they are from the evil walmart. but doc found them and he is buying them, so i am rationalizing it.

okay, so now it's 6. i'll get bored eventually and go to bed. i tried to hook up my old quickcam and it doesn't work on the laptop, and is having issues on computer1. and now the cam isn't working on the laptop. so i need to order the restore disk this weekend. the headphones can wait. i'm in laptop limbo here and i'm getting impatient with it.

i'm still having these flashes of rage. i flip on doc on a dime, and for no apparent reason. i don't know what it is. i've also been fighting online more. which i need to stop. i mock people who fight online, i should not be one of them. it isn't my problem the world is populated with idiots, i need to stop making it my problem. battling the kids or theists is easy, they give up if you don't give them constant attention. but the "reasonable adults" just keep poking and poking and trying to start shit. and there is no reason i have to take shit from anyone. why would i? would you, if you were handed a pile of shit, take it? no. i shouldn't either. but i do sometimes, and i let them get to me. today, i dropped it. mostly because it was facebook and on a friend's page and i didn't want to be rude and fight all over it with one of his friends. i wouldn't like it if that happened to me. i shouldn't have even said anything to the guy in the first place.
2013, cyd, new

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