September 7th, 2013

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happy saturday morning!

i've been up since 2:30, went to bed at 11. took the dog for a walk at 5:30 and now i'm fighting off sleep because doc is out getting me breakfast. with any luck it will be a chili cheese dog from Sonic. that's what i'm hoping for. i can eat it with a knife and fork, in fact, should. and i am sick to death of ensure.

i also gave chewy a bath. he stank like dog. now he smells like citrus. and wet dog. can't have everything.

i want to work on the garage but am lacking in motivation today. it will probably set things right once i eat.

i tried to wire my headphones back together, but was unsuccessful. but, i found a new pair on the best buy site. $20 for sony, over-the-ear headphones. perfect.

the other day i got another 100 prints from i'm telling you, if you take pictures, join this site. they don't send a lot of email and they offer this free print thing after every holiday, and usually when you get the prints, they offer you a free photobook. anyway, unsolicited ad over with . . . i got prints of some of the pictures from the photo-shoot. a lot of the ones that have never been seen because i don't have the rights to sell them and they only used a tiny portion of them on the site when it was up. i will admit it, i did it for an ego boost. i got prints of a lot of pictures of me.

doc is home! later . . .