September 1st, 2013

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time to take a nap

doc and i got the furniture moved around a bit and added a desk to an empty corner to hold my printers and zip drive. all the parallel port stuff i have, that goes on computer1. computer 2 is still down due to no monitor. the scanner on the printer works. i don't know if it still prints because i have no ink. i started scanning in the pictures i wanted for a video. if i ever find my box o' pictures, i can get even more in.

i'm going togo out to the garage and find some art for the corner above the printer. the floor half is so full, but the ceiling half is blank white. and it's surrounded by stuff on the walls. the one corner i've finished looks great. doc sits in that corner now.

i also cleaned out the corner behind the dining room table. it had stuff from when we moved in. took care of that. now it's just the chairs in the corner with stuff around the bottom of the table. i will slowly get rid of the clutter and boxes and junk. i will not have this become a semi-hoarder house because we are too lazy to move stuff. first there's a little clutter here and there and then the cats start disappearing and then the camera crews come and step all over everything. yep.

i think i've organized the cat zone so the whole area fits into the cam frame and it looks good off cam. i have the toys all in the bed, the boxes for evie to sleep on, the rug for little girl and lelu and the curvy scratchy thing for bagira and vader. everybody is happy.

i found two books i have by Richard Brautigan. i've been reading his poetry online and had no idea i had four of his novels in my possession. which is good, the other three books i had were a bust. one was to text booky, one used three words i didn't know in the first page, and the other is a chick book i have no interest in. so Brautigan it is. happily.

time to take a nap.