August 31st, 2013

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don't ask me why i'm up

because i don't know. i've been up since 7 this morning. i took a half an hour cat nap earlier. around 11 or so, i slept through Letterman's monologue.

doc didn't do any of the stuff i asked him to today. so i made myself busy. i rearranged my room a bit. hung the CD holder and brought in the drawers i have. tomorrow i clean those out so i can use them for clothes. i also hooked up my fun fur lamp with the gold foil shade. tomorrow i will also hook up the tv/stereo/VCR/DVD players. ten i tackle the file box. set up new files with all the important papers in it and put the old stuff away in storage. all i need is a box.

i didn't take a proper nap today. i stayed up and did stuff all day. i've run out of cymbalta and have been taking wellbutrin and it is doing wonders for me. i can't believe it was never tried before. i've kept all my other meds the same. the wellbutrin is the only different thing and it is making a big difference in my life.

i finally got the cam to work. not on the laptop, but on the other machine.

i gathered the rest of my writing together. turns out i missed a file. and an important one, at that. i found it and put it with the others tonight. i also inputed a few poems. i've got about a dozen left to do.

i'm putting the wrought iron table in my bathroom tomorrow and replacing it next to the couch with a black circular end table. it's more stable and less busy for that corner, which has the CDs and art and a small shelf.

i'm really excited, finally, about making this place my own. or, our own. tomorrow, doc is planting grass over in the grassy area, hoping it will take because it's wet and late in the season. we also have to dig up several palm treelets growing randomly throughout the yard. i've gotten all the pine needles off the patches of clover and ivy. i'm hoping the ivy will come back and bloom later in the season with its white morning glories. we also have to fill up the garbage cans with dead leaves and pine needles. the tree out front needs to be pruned, but i don't think that will get done this weekend.

we also have the chaise pick up to coordinate. the woman didn't call back tonight. probably went out. friday night and all. i'm excited to get a new piece of furniture.

i found the coffee table i want to replace the one we have. it's made of aged wood planks and plumbing pipes and fixtures. i don't know when we'll be able to swing that. it's on my wish list. i have a picture pinned of the design and the components needed. doc said he shouldn't have any problems making it.

doc and chewy have been curled up on the couch together for hours now. it's so cute. i took one picture of them while doc was sleeping with his arm over his face.
2013, cyd, new

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