August 29th, 2013

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2013, cyd, new

yet another joural entry, they seem to come every day

i made a video for "Church in New Orleans" tonight using sunsets.

twitter is not the place to promote yourself. i watch people do nothing but promote themselves on twitter, and its so futile. i feel bad (almost) for the advertisers they have. almost.

if there is any place to promote yourself on the web, it is just full of everyone else promoting themselves. so futile.

and that is the end of that.

for staying awake all day, i did a whole lot of nothing. yesterday i raked half the yard, scrubbed my bathroom, vacuumed, did dishes, ran the dishwasher, emptied the litterbox and hung the laundry. i also had doc help me bring in two boxes of books i found. they aren't my favorite, but there are many i haven't read. i'm choosing between a "woman's" or chick book, a sci-fi murder mystery, and a book on middle eastern mythology. i think that last one will win. then the sci-fi.

turns out that doc's bolt cutters aren't strong enough to cut the lock on the storage locker, so we HAVE to find those keys. he went to get my books the other day and it proved useless. he can pay $50 to have them cut the lock off, but he can buy bolt cutters cheaper. and have them in his tool collection.

the big ass truck needs a tune up to pass smog inspection. then we can get it registered. we're driving it on a temporary registration right now. and doc won't drive it anywhere. i tried like hell to get him to take me to the animal shelter today to get this cat i fell in love with online. she's petite, a calico . . . sigh. i can't get another cat.

though why i would want one is beyond me. i swear, i have more cats i can deal with now. they queue up to sit on my lap. there is always a cat around to pet and love. and if there isn't a cat, there is the ever present dog. tomorrow we start going for walks again. he's being stubborn and won't poop in the yard, pooping in doc's room instead. so he needs to be taken to the park to go poopie. and really, i need the exercise.

the cam is on for now. i have to use the laptop cam, the software for the other cam is freaking out. and i can't leave the laptop cam on because then doc picks it up and doesn't realize and all hell breaks loose. he is VERY into his privacy. if he knew half the stuff i write about him on here . . . eek. he would get over it. but not soon.