August 23rd, 2013

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  • Thu, 14:43: the cam is on! if i get more than 250,000 hits this month i will lower the time to 30 sec. whoo-hoo!
  • Thu, 14:45: show me a #Christian who isn't a complete asshat and i'll show you my new special friend.
  • Thu, 16:40: i'm trying to get the voices in my head to start doing a Michael Westen voice over thing.
  • Thu, 17:46: sleeping with my babies, felix and major.
  • Thu, 23:33: my room mate wants me to clean out the garage, i want to paint the outdoor furniture green. the struggle begins.
2013, cyd, new

i'm not good with that stuff

chewy and i had much adventure on his walk yesterday. one of his walks. he gets three. so we go to the park early, since there has been cloud cover all day and it's cool out. there are many dogs out. on the way into the park to the dog park area, i met einstein and his owner. we walked together and i was complimented on how mellow chewy was for a terrier. i told him he had no idea, the dog slept all day, had three short walks and two play times, that was it.

then we went to the dog park where chewy was repeatedly violated by a chihuahua. after that trauma, we went home. on the way we met rusty and his owner, who was taking a picture of a rainbow i had completely missed. and i pointed out to him that it was a double rainbow from where i was standing. he took a picture of that and we talked dog. again, i was complimented on how mellow chewy was.

then we walked home. chewy was worn out. i think his favorite was einstein. he looked like a little bear cub. he was cool.

today we didn't go to the park. well the early walk didn't happen, chewy escaped instead. he ended up cornering the mentally disabled woman up the street and barking at her. we ran into her on the later walk and she told me about it. i apologized and chewy acted strangely shy and aggro at the same time. the rest of the walk was weird, he didn't pee at all. so we went home.

evie is pulling out her fur. at first i was just annoyed by it. now, i'm getting concerned because she is developing bald patches. she seems perfectly happy. she is cuddly and goes out and plays and gets along really well with chewy. i have no idea what is going on with her. but she's starting to worry me. when i catch her doing it, i go over and sit with her and pet her and talk to her until she stops.

simon is still having problems eating. and we can't take him to the vet right now. so i sit with him while he eats and growls at his food. he ate a lot the other night and hasn't eaten much since. he's camped out by the food now, so i'm hoping he will eat. he wouldn't while i sat with him. though i did get him to eat a small piece of deli ham today. i know, processed, salty, not at all good for him, but at this point i would feed him a peanut butter pop tart if i thought he would eat it. he's cuddly. he's really mellowed in the last year. i'm so glad we took him in. he's such an attentive cat.

because of the crush of animals sleeping with me, i have given up sleeping on the couch, and have started moving the cam into my room to sleep in the bed. for me to sleep in the bed, not the cam.

i have to get a package together for kelli this weekend. that's about all i have to do. unless you count all the poetry related stuff i have to do that i am blowing off because no one seems to care. the mp3s get listened to, but in 6 years i haven't sold a book. or is it 7 years? i'm incredibly optimistic, which is why i published another book. but poetry doesn't sell. the videos remain unpopular. once i get the laptop fixed i will make more, because that, i am doing for myself.

fixing the laptop: we won't be able to get the restore disk this month, maybe next month. but like i said, no one is watching the videos, so there's no real hurry.

i'm coming to terms with being poor again. we were at the upper middle of the poverty line for a long time, now we're far below it. it's the cost of this house. but it is worth it to live here. if i could keep my shit together i could get a job. if we could get the spare money together, we could open a new checking account for my paypal account to be tied into so i can sell jewelry again. it's just sitting here. i keep making it. i have all of these materials i invested in that i am finally doing something with. time to pass it along.

i want to get all my scrap booking stuff together and inventoried, and i want to sell it as one package on ebay. not for a lot of money, just to get back some of what i spent. i would normally freecycle it, but doc feels it is worth too much. so i won't. i'll sell it. i feel opportunistic, but then, we need the money. well, we are paid up on stuff, we don't NEED the money, we want more money. i don't know, i can't wrap my head around money. it's something i let doc handle. i'm not good with that stuff.