August 21st, 2013

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i have no idea who slept with me last night

chewy getting out is becoming a daily thing. usually i back out of the sliding glass door, to stop animals from getting out with me. he and vader watch me and when i don't back out they make a run for it. i have to take that dog for more walks.

this morning i was asleep when doc got home, something i never do. he dropped vader on me to wake me up. "can't you wake me up like a normal fucking person?" laughter.

so i told him to choose how he wanted to be woken up by having a cat dropped on him; having a car key dragged slowly up the bottom of his foot; or the bed to be kicked near his head. these are the three ways he has woken me up in the last two weeks. suddenly, he didn't think the methods were so funny. and refused to name how he wanted to be woken up. so it's my choice. heh heh heh. he insisted he would wake up himself. uh huh.

icicles don't
happen here
so i can't
kill you with
an ice bullet
it is

i miss icicles. i miss the way in philly that the ice would coat the trees and made them look like they were dipped in glass. i have found nothing that can be kept indoors that is as beautiful as those trees. if i could, i'd fill my house with it.

awwwe, felix and chewy are curled up together. actually touching and stuff. how sweet. for some reason, the three outdoor cats get along with chewy better than the indoor cats. i'm working on getting he and major together since they both follow me around and fight for my attention.

speaking of fighting for my attention, i don't know if you could see it on cam last night but there was a raging battle on who got to sleep where. luckily i was on my sleeper and fell asleep before it came to a conclusion. so i have no idea who slept with me last night.