August 18th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

on pets and poetry

i'm waiting for chewy to come back. he ran off about 15 minutes ago. and i did so well last night keeping him in and taking him for a walk. but no, he wants to run free through the neighborhood, i am too slow for him. at least he comes back. but with this habit, i see why he was picked up miles from nowhere.

simon always takes advantage of the dog being gone, he comes out and jumps up on the couch with me. though he has been sleeping with me on the couch with chewy lately. last night i had simon at my side and chewy at my feet and major asleep on my pillow next to my head. i can only get animal free sleep if i shut them all out of my room, which seems to traumatize both major and simon, or if i sleep on the love seat, where there is little room for them. simon tried sleeping with me on the love seat yesterday and gave up after a minute. heh. animal free sleep.

don't get me wrong, i love my sleeping menagerie. but sometimes i don't want other living organisms of such size and furriness on me. most of the time i love to cuddle.

so, the cam is on the cat area while i go through this toothache thing, i have a bit of vanity left. i don't want to be on cam with a swollen face. and no one is buying my book. no one has ever bought my book and now it's going out of print. poetry is such a dead art, why did i have to be a fucking poet?

what did you think of yesterday's "Star"? i liked it. doc said it was to the point. no, i guess it wasn't full of metaphors. i think it came from reading Ginsberg, Brautigan and Bukowski's poetry online. i've read so much poetry, i can't tell one from the other. and i haven't even gotten into modern poets. it's funny, because i never liked or read poetry before, outside of my literature classes. and it was always the classics, we never got to the beat poets, where i've found my niche.