August 15th, 2013

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short poem and long ramblings


the "tink" of
her golden rings
on her
rocks glass is
the one thing
i will always

okay, so it is far from a writing binge. in fact, it is one of the shortest poems i have ever written. but it has been stirring and forming in my head for the past two hours. so it had to be written down.

between seroquel and naproxen, i got five hours sleep today. that's on top of the two i slept last night. i'm debating doing the windows install at dawn and sleeping now, since i just took a pill and am out of pain. the worst thing is, i can't suck my thumb. and it hurts to smoke.

yesterday, as i slept, chewy stepped on my neck and i went to push him off and ended up hitting myself in the face, in the tooth. i screamed. it was awful. i have to remember that lesson. and hopefully chewy will, too. i scared the crap out of him.

i met a bunch of people today when i took chewy to the park. he got to meet a lot of dogs. he was afraid of all but the chihuahua, which was the same size as him. i explained he lived in a houseful of cats and was used to critters that size, and i brought him to the dog park to socialize him with larger critters of his own kind. they told me the park was a great place to do that. then chewy and i went on alone to the dog park and i let him run around. though he really doesn't run around, he walks around and i follow him with the poopie bag.

when we get a few dollars again, i want to get him the small tennis balls doc showed me and teach him fetch. it would be a great way to get him to expend energy. i really do wish he was a bit more energetic. so i figure i need to stimulate his mind. he's taken to his felt ball. he chews on that when he's in a mood and the cats won't play with him. he does get exercise besides the walks. he chases the cats around, gets chased around by the cats. then there's the hilarious times when doc is cooking and he runs back and forth between me in the living room and doc in the kitchen.

what's left of his balls is so sad. when a cat gets neutered, his testes retain the shape of balls. they just aren't as big. with chewy, the tissue has just shriveled up like a wee raisin. and he won't stop licking his schmeckle. i'm trying to get him to lick the itch and leave it alone. it's really annoying when he comes up and sits on me and starts licking his junk like it's going to fall off. i don't sit on him and lick my junk.

okay, enough putting this off. time to back up the few pictures and two videos of doc's and get on with this reinstall. it would be nice to have a working laptop for doc when he gets home. plus some stuff didn't install well, features of certain programs (windows programs, i might add) don't work. i suppose i could format it and do a clean install, but i really don't know how to do that and i'm afraid i'll fuck it up. another dirty install it is, then.
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i'm going to have to reformat my laptop. and try the install again. i can't load the graphics drivers and everything looks funny. and the program disappeared. the laptop has started to develop a mind of it's own. i don't know if i have a virus or what, but a clean slate should fix it.

meantime i had a hissy fit because doc wouldn't let me have any coffee. sugar. toothache. he did the math. he got the equation wrong, but he did the math. so i went to sleep for a few hours. he couldn't get the anti virus working.

yes, a clean sweep. now i just have to figure out how to do it. google, here i come . . .
2013, cyd, new

the story of Star

about three days ago we noticed a small black bird in the yard that the cats would play with, but not kill. several times we picked it up and set it free, just for it to return the next day. it has one wounded wing, and a paralyzed foot that he gets around pretty well on. i mean she. she.

so today when evie brought her to me, i picked her up and cuddled her and she fell asleep. so cute.

evie and frddie both nurfled her, it was so cute. vader chases her for a little while, but when she goes into evie's lair, he leaves her alone. even felix is uninterested in her. she has plenty to eat outside, i'm going to put some water out for her.

so, a new addition to our zoo. we have been adopted by a lame bird, which may have been a pet. it is very easy to handle and jumped up on my finger earlier. i have a picture i'll tweet and post later. i have to find it in this mess first.

do not buy acer. add that to my list of computers not to buy. ugh. time for doc to take over the research for a while. i'm going to relax and pet whatever is leaning up against my back right now. ooh, it's a simon. fun.